Monday, December 31, 2012

our "can't live without" newborn list

weeks later as usual it has become overly apparent how little you really need for a new baby. mamas love and some good blankets should be more then enough. robin, like all my other babies is particular about few things, but when they find them, it is pretty serious.

a good swing and a comfy carseat have been key players in our little mans life, but when it comes to everyday home use there are only a few things i can think of that we couldn't live without. good cloth diapers, soft comfy clothes, good hats for cold weather and our vintage cradle have been just as important as these guys below - but before you go crazy trying to purchase all the things before your little one arrives, consider how little they will really need. robin is eight weeks old and going strong loving just these:
i can't rant and rave about muslin swaddle blankets enough! they don't even have to be the more pricey aden and anais, but theirs sure do come in adorable prints! robin got the monster mash set to go with the collection i already had going from stella. i don't use these to actually swaddle robin too much since it is pretty cold right now, but we use them for spit up rags, nursing covers, snuggle them up to his face and more! the more you wash them the softer they get and he even prefers to have his cradle lined with one for sleeping on. lately i have been washing them then having one in bed with me that i offer him after a bit - that way he has my scent on it to help him sleep and feel more comfortable.

good lord this invention is amazing! i keep joking with tim that once robin moves to his room i will need to get a sleep sheep for me - he jokes i can just get an app on my iPhone, but it just isn't the same - the sounds coming out of this soft sheep are amazing! the sleep sheep is a sound machine that offers four great nature sounds. robin and i prefer the ocean waves and even with all the noise of a household of six he instantly relaxes when i turn it on. the only down fall is the longest it stays on is forty-five minutes and sometimes that isn't enough and the shut off disrupts him just as he is falling asleep. we opted for the to-go version, it is a little smaller so it fits great in his cradle or carseat (is less expensive) and is exactly the same as his larger version.

with stella we really struggled with skin issues - a couple of doctors went back and forth if it was eczema or just dry skin. either way it was sensitive and irritable. when i was pregnant with robin i ventured into whole food for my first time ever (i know) and went a little nuts in their body care aisle - so many delicious goodies! i came home with the yet to carrots baby soap as just something new to try for stella, well low and behold since we switched to this soap/shampoo combo her dry skin issues are totally gone! when it came time to stock up for robin's arrival i knew exactly where to look! california baby had been suggested to me several time over the years but i could not wrap my head around its cost - yes to carrots, in my opinion, is just as good but at a fraction of the cost! i am only sad they don't offer more in the line...bubbles anyone?
this is a no brainer - babies spend months curled up in a snug warm place inside their mamas, of course they would find comfort in the same feelings once they are on the outside. we are swaddling fools around these parts. wether it is a snuggly zipper like sac or a warm fleece velcro wrap for the winter, i like to stay stocked up on these bad boys! plus, blankets aren't safe when they are teeny tiny so this is a great alternative.

sure, we pull out our trusty nose frida constantly or love to lay little man down on his colorful floor mat and i wouldn't be able to sneak away for a girls night if it weren't for my medela pump - but in the end, we get by with very little.

i went back and forth on listing a baby carrier - but really in those first few week, i personally, don't use mine a ton. now that robin is about eight weeks i use the ergo and conversion wrap a lot more, with the insert of course, but right at first i haven't found one that i am totally comfortable in, that i can go about my business without worrying that i am blocking his nose or something. 

what is your can't live without item?

when i polled my facebook followers i got answers like: the boppy, a bin of diapers + wipes by the couch, a good swing, and muslin blankets.


melissa rohr said...

These are all WONDERFUL choices! I love, love, love Yes to Carrots -- for me AND for baby! Their products are wonderful. I also really love the Earth Mama Angel Baby line. My little guy has SUCH sensitive skin and those are the only two lines that don't break him out in an awful rash. The Miracle Blanket was my son's favorite swaddle blanket when he was little. A good swaddle is so awesome.

melissa rohr said...

We also had the Aden + Anais blankets and the Sleep Sheep. Sleep Sheep we could have done with out, we bought a little radio (i guess you can call it that) it's called Sound Oasis with Baby sounds and our son LOVES that. It has lullabies, womb sounds, static, rain and so many other ones. We love our Nose Frida but can't get our little man to like it :(

melissa rohr said...

These are all great and all happen to be on my list for baby boy #2! I love yes to carrots. :) Have you ever used a baby K'tan? What do you think of it? It seems a little less intimidating than a Moby. I only have an Ergo...

melissa rohr said...

i haven't seen those - looking it up now! i am selling one of my carriers and have a giveaway coming up for a gorgeous mei tei - let's talk!

melissa rohr said...

yea, robin doesn't like the nose frida either. but he seems happier after since he can breath lol so we risk the few minutes of crying ;) our 3 y/o LOVES it though haha - it is creepy how much she asks for it.

melissa rohr said...

yes! we use yes to carrots too and i think i used the earth mama nipple stuff :)