Sunday, December 30, 2012

robin dash :: month two

there is no way this sweet little prince is two months already!

when i say sweet i mean it - you rarely hear a peep out of this little guy unless it is time to eat or he is tired of being baby sat by the giraffe on his activity mat. he doesn't even mind when rowan uses her foot to hold his passy in while they watch cartoons in the morning.

dare i say, for the most part little man i sleeping through the night! even on a "bad" night though we are only up once for a quick snack and then right back to sleep. other wise it is about ten to seven for him. this month we are going to work on having him nap in his crib upstairs. as of now he sleep in his swing downstairs because it is just way to convenient but since he'll eventually have to get used to that bed i guess now is a good time to slowly transition.

just like stella he now loves baths and laying on the soft furry bath rug after. daddy is in charge of baths in this house and he does a great job at it! poor robin gets jumped over, things dropped on him, and constantly has to listen to sisters yell but he is really warming up to all of them. especially zoe, when she gets down to talk to him he coos and smiles like crazy - stella was the same way.

this boy is officially smiling! it isn't just sleepy dream smiles anymore - he'll flash that to die for gummy smile for anyone who is willing to work for it. tim gets them by tickling his lips and i get them by talking in a annoying mom voice telling him that i can't get over his fuzzy new hairs he is working so hard on growing.

speaking of new hairs - did i mention i can't get over how cute all the fuzzy new ones he has!

cooing is another milestone we have checked off the list, while he has been doing it for awhile, it is much more purposeful, like he is having a real conversation with us. he is also focusing on his hands a lot more and realizes he is the proud owner of a tongue. 

i am finding myself calling him rob more and more. i thought that would be a nick name he could choose later if he wanted but i think it suits him so well. aunt holly has reserved robbie as her nick name for him now. i also call him handsome rob, because you know, the italian job.

robin is not a little guy, i can't wait to see what his actual stats are but he is growing like a weed! he can barely wear any 0-3 anymore and we are already shopping for a convertible rear facing carseat that he will most likely need soon!

he fits right into this family of six so perfectly! while i hate how fast time is moving by, i am watching him turn into a little man and am loving every second!

happy two months little dash!


melissa rohr said...

oh my...that might be my fave pic of him so far!

melissa rohr said...

He's just the cutest!! The little baby coos and gurgles are the best. Hope you guys have a great New Year with this sweet little guy!

melissa rohr said...

So cute!