Thursday, December 20, 2012

rowan week: calm down jar.

calm down jar for the win!

this is probably my most favorite part of the changes happening around our house. to different people it might mean different things or be used different ways but here is how we are utilizing ours:

rowan struggles with keeping calm in a lot of situations, a huge one being when people come over to visit for example. she is immediately in their faces, touching too much, being grabby, being gabby and so on. when i read up on the calm down jar i was super excited about how it would help rowan curb these emotions and adjust more smoothly to environmental changes like that.

when rowan gets overly excited and it appears impossible to get through to her with our words, she gets handed a shaken up calm down and is asked to sit on the stairs. it does two things: 1. it acts as a timer, i tried my best to make it so the glitter is mostly rested on the bottom around five minutes and 2. the act of concentrating on watching the glitter fall is relaxing.

our calm down jar was super easy and inexpensive to make! other then a quick trip to target for three dollar glitter glue, i had all the supplies at home. it took a little playing around with to get the mixture right for the best timing but we are super happy with the result.
the cast: elmer's glitter glue $3 at target, a mason jar (you could use a old water bottle!), food dye, and random glitter (fine is best).

i started by filling the jar mostly up with hot hot water from the tea kettle (super important for melting the glue). 

next, i added about 1/3 of the bottle of glue. again, just play with the mixture to get your preferred timing right - more glue to slow it down, more water to speed it up.
the first one i made i used a little over 1/2 and it was too thick and it takes hours for it to settle. stella calls it her outer space jar now instead.

i continually stirred while adding glue to help mix and melt it.

the glue i bought already had glitter in it, but i chose to add a bunch more glitter. how much you add doesn't really affect the timing, it is more for visual reasons and finally i added a few drops of blue food dye to give it a more fun color.

i let it all cool a while then super glued the lids on ensuring if one of my kids tried to, i don't know, drink it, they couldn't!

i have read it can be used more for meditation but for now it is just helping us gather ourselves when we get a little too excited. 

can't wait to hear if you make one!


melissa rohr said...

I really need to make one of these for Zane! He has a horrible time calming down once he's gotten worked up!

melissa rohr said...

it really has been so helpful!