Tuesday, December 11, 2012

salt dough ornaments, everyone is doing it.

as the clock ticks down to christmas, i have been trying to squeeze in more and more crafts to celebrate the season. this has been tricky with the new little guy at home and me finishing up my degree this last week but i am determined to make some damn memories with my kids, ha.

last year we tried cinnamon ornaments and while they turned out amazing and smell delicious, they were a tiny bit more time consuming and since they turned out so dark we ended up not doing as much when it came to embellishing them with paint and what not. this year, i knew i wanted the girls to experience the classic salt dough ornaments - teachers and grandparent would again receive them as hand made gifts so i picked up a fun pack of paints specific for painting on ceramic and pottery.
our recipe:
two cups flour
one cup salt
one cup water

we mixed together our ingredients in a stand mixer then ran them with the dough hook for awhile. when that was done, we rolled our smooth play-doh like texture dough onto some parchment paper and went along selecting the cookie cutter shapes we wanted to use, making sure to add a hole (using a straw) at the top for hanging with ribbon.

placed on parchment paper or silpat lined cookie sheet, the ornaments were placed in the oven at two hundred and fifty for two hours. let cool.

then paint and enjoy!

i used a sharpie paint pen for adding detail to my ornaments and names and dates to the back of them all. then we used ceramcoat paints so that i could throw them back in the oven for a little while to set the paint in for a tougher finish.


melissa rohr said...

Do you have to use a dough hook? Can you kneed it by hand?

melissa rohr said...

i used my dough hook but of course you can do it by hand :) I think the recipe we tweaked was by hand.

melissa rohr said...

Thank you! I don't have a dough hook!

melissa rohr said...

How long do you run the dough hook?

melissa rohr said...

How thick should rolled out dough be?