Friday, December 28, 2012

that newborns-ness.

the toes, the smell, the little noises, the sleepless nights - all still there, just not so new anymore. i might have actually told tim a couple weeks ago that i could have one more. is this how michelle duggar ended up with nineteen of them, she could get that intoxicating newborn smell off her mind?

a great piece of advice i can offer you wether your are a first time mom or a fourth: take a hundred photos of those wrinkly toes, write down what his smell reminds you off, save all of his tiny clothes, keep a calendar or note pad that documents every time he sneezes - because all those moments? are fleeting and gone before you know it.

this boy is so delicious that i constantly find it down right impossible to set him down so the house goes uncleaned. we're in a constant state of couch parties all day in our jams while we eat things that can made quickly so we can get right back to the laziness and snuggling and loving and being a family of six.

this boy, these kids, this is the life.


lucy at dear beautiful said...

I couldn't agree more. As I sat the other day and watched my (barely) three month old sit in a Bumbo and shake a maraca, I was just blown away that the time has gone so fast. Where did those newborn days go? And as much as I thought I was drinking up every moment, it all already seems a bit hazy in my memory. Nothing speeds up time like having children!


melissa rohr said...

So sweet!

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...


bohomamasoul said...

I can't wait for this again.

melissa rohr said...

love those wrinkly toes!!