Friday, December 14, 2012

the christmas crazies

i have to document today the two separate incidents that are making me question humanity. what is it about this time of year that brings out the worst in people? calm down, just twelve more days and you'll have the precious michael kors watch and figgy pudding.

i was driving down our street on the way to drop rowan off at preschool when a lady came flying out of a parking lot entrance. she didn't even try to stop and she did it so late that i had to slam on my breaks hard, sending back packs, mittens, and maybe children lunging forward in the van - i literally slid on the wet pavement. i of course honked my horn to alert her to the fact that indeed she was a (expletive) and what do you know? she flipped me off, mouthing some sort of profanity back my way. excuse me miss, i didn't mean to intrude on your get away with my van full of precious children.

then, today was already one of those not great days, where my kids go to school with bed head because i used up all my energy fighting about having marshmallows for breakfast. i dropped rowan off and headed to fred meyer to procure stella a batman hoodie complete with cape. on the way out i was trying to avoid eye contact with the salvation army lady with no teeth, because just like when i walked in holding only my debit card in plain site, i did indeed still had no change to give. she struck up conversation anyway, "can your daughter have a candy?" holding out a hard peppermint candy. me: "oh, no thanks" (awkward smile) lady: "wow, you're too strict of a parent!" oh! thank you - because that is something i was recently questioning,  i guess i was over thinking letting my toddler eat and possibly choke on your hard piece of candy, hand one over - said nobody ever.

i feel like this is how it is every year when the holidays roll around again, or is it that we are just more sensitive to it? people drive a little worse, they smile a little less, they are more impatient with one another. what's the deal?

this is my favorite time of year to pay for the person behind me at starbucks, hold the door for a rush of people, let my kids ring doorbells and dash leaving little treats for our friends and people we barely know, for taking cookies to the fire station and more!

what do you do to spread cheer this time of year? what is the best thing you have seen someone do for someone else in spirit of the holidays?


melissa rohr said...

I swear, you're SO right. People drive terribly, they're mean...a few days ago, my toddler slipped and spilled his milk at Starbucks while we (my dad and I) were waiting for our coffee drinks. I lunged to catch my poor baby, terrified he'd smack his head on the tile or a chair and table, when a woman actually dodged him. You know, stepped over the falling toddler with this grossed out look on her face. He was fine, I caught his fall, but he was startled and probably embarrassed because everyone was looking at him with concern. "Oh, I'm sorry, I'd have helped catch him but he can't get milk on my shoes because I have to get to work," said the lady. A few weeks ago -- and I blogged about this one when it happened -- some lady told me my son looked like ET and asked "what's wrong with him? Is he slow?" She was hellbent on assuring me that he was "a miniature person." (Whatever that means.) It's been so exasperating for me to do anything -- even these Christmas and Hanukkah celebrations I'm taking my son to, people are pushy and rude and selfish. SIGH. Trying to focus on the good out there. My son and I baked cookies and brought them in tins to all the people we appreciate who are often overlooked: the cashier at the grocery store who always makes my son smile, the baristas at Starbucks, the valet at the pediatrician's office, the guardgate attendant at my parent's guard gate, etc. We've had a blast spreading holiday cheer as best we can! On the first night of Hanukkah (we live in a predominately Jewish area, so Hanukkah is a big deal), my son and I were at the beach and someone had paid for 2 hours worth of parking time in all of the meters!!! That was really sweet and special.


melissa rohr said...

i have had crappy incidents like that at starbucks too! sorry that happened mama!