Friday, December 14, 2012

the rohr family, twenty-twelve, a year in review.

our 2012 christmas card 
two thousand and twelve, what a year you have been.

i am not sure i am on board with actual christmas letters quite yet, i barely have had extra time to shower these last few months let alone recap our lives for your reading pleasure. then it would need to be on fancy paper that i would have take to staples to have the letters printed on because our printer is touch and go on quality. so, there's all that...

this year we just got creative and added a qr code, that says "scan me!", that leads you to our little corner of the internet and while this blog has become a lot more then a rohr family activity log, i still post all the important going ons and pictures of our adorable children. i realize a lot of the people we are sending cards to won't have phones capable of scanning the code but it will be fun for those of you that could! so as a precursor to you pouring yourself through the files that are our life i wanted to wrap our year up in this here little post to get you started.

in janurary, we were still newly in our house and decorating was well underway as i got up some chevron stripes up in our fireplace nook and some horizontal stripes in the master bedroom. we got a really good dumping of snow which left us tons of opportunity to stay inside and craft - so i made the girls felt masks, a mini theater, dolls, made myself a paper terrarium, tried some good recipes, and more! stella and i tried out a fun mommy and me ballet class and i died of the cuteness every time i slipped her tiny feet into those mini ballet slippers.

feburary was a lot like janurary, it was cold cold cold so we stayed inside and did fun things like chalk rowan's hair, thrifted at goodwill, and painted ceramics for the first time with the girls. when mama needed some alone time, my good friend mandy and i put together a little girls night out at one of my favorite restaurants. Since stella's birthday was rounding the corner, with the help of our friend amy, we made this awesome teepee that i ended up folding on and giving to her early, but not before i made a pillow out of the fabric leftovers.

march was a big one for us, not only did stella turn two and tim's dad and wife chris came to visit, but we found out that we were expecting robin. of course we kept it secret for a while first though. i finally got the girls room decorated the way i loved and tim hung a awesome board and batten in our entry way - the living room was finally done! oh and we got another quick dumping of snow!

april was uneventful but fun, we whisked the girls away for a quick spring break trip to portland where we swam at the hotel, ate at our favorite portland restaurants and used our new membership to omsi. the weather was warmer and we started spending a lot more time outside and at the park.

may surprised us with some great weather so we ran to the store to stock up on fun outdoor water toys. big big accomplishment for our littlest lady this month as she potty trained like a boss at only twenty-six months. rowan finished up her first year of preschool and i surprised her with a super fun slideshow of all the photos we had taken as she left for school each day. then, as if may hadn't been crazy enough with all of this, mother's day, and more - we participated in our yearly favorite, the march of dimes. our team managed to come in as the second highest fund raising small group team!

june meant it was officially summer and we needed to start checking things off our summer bucket list! we had the girls for the first part of the summer and before we even celebrated father's day we found out that we were having a b-o-y! we visited the science center, the dentist, watched zoe play softball, hiked to the ice caves with uncle sam, watched robin grow, and i co-hosted a pnw blogger meet up in portland. it was a great start to the summer!

july brought with it anxiety for my upcoming trip to new york but lots of fun too! tim put in a fence and i started ordering stuff for robin's nursery that i would tackle soon. checking things off our bucket list we made a trip to the space needle, it was everyone's but mine first time up. our big yearly cannon beach trip was in july and as usual it didn't disappoint with all the cheese, beach combing, roasted marshmallows and more.

eeek, august! i was off to blogher in new york city (where i had the time of my life!) and tim stayed home for a visit with his parents who were here from minnesota. i came home to hundred degree weather and tim and i celebrated our one year wedding anniversary and even gave our frozen cake top a try only to find out that is a disgusting tradition. the older girls left back at the end of july but that didn't stop us from trying to finish off our bucket list with a trip to the blueberry farm, stella had a blast picking and eating her berries.

september, was about readjusting to life with more structure and back to school schedules. we were blessed with a indian summer and were still able to play outside a ton and tim and i got to sneak away to have some fun maternity photos done. the #dailyrowanprekphotos resumed and hi, baby. became while it rains. there was also tons of preparing for robin's arrival.

yea october, my favorite month! while we waitied around for little man to make his entrance, i was busy with growing the blog and making halloween costumes for other people. a day shy of halloween robin dash made his entrance at the birth center all naturally done and then we celebrated by dressing up as minnie mouse and toy story 3 barbie for halloween.

november shaped up to be another crazy month in the books. tim and i turned twenty eight, rowan turned five, my best friend had her baby who was due the same day as robin, and robin turned a month old. we went to spokane for thanksgiving with the moran's and i revealed robin's nursery on the blog. we ate comfort food and snuggled our adorable new baby. we put up the christmas tree and finished up most of our christmas shopping and went to red robin to celebrate rowan's birthday with friends and family.

that brings us to december, robin is growing like a weed and i officially am done with college, whoa! zoe turns nine and then it is christmas! tim hung christmas lights for the first time on our new house and we are busy making plans to visit garden d'lights, snowflake lane in bellevue, write letters to santa, get togethers with family, and make ornaments and gifts.

this year has been good to us, our life is as crazy as ever but i wouldn't change it for a second! we were busy busy and the kids grew a foot each, time is mean like that, going by so fast. i can't wait to see what two thousand and thirteen have in store for us...

happy everything! love, the rohrs.
the back with qr code


melissa rohr said...

This was so much fun to go back through and read about your year! Your family has been blessed! I actually have a post exactly like this in drafts...but it is taking me forever to write. It's awesome to have all of the highlights of the year in one place!

melissa rohr said...

I love this post! For starters, your card is AMAZING -- I am in love wit hit! Love the scan-code on the back, too! Maybe we'll borrow that idea next year. I try to round up two adults, a toddler, four cats and a frog (yes, our frog makes the card, ha!) in one picture and it never happens, so we send out a card with a zillion pictures on the front. I love yours! I loved going back and reading about your year, too. Sounds like it was a good one!


melissa rohr said...

hoping that everyone uses the qr code and finds there way to it - so even if they aren't familiar with our blog they can catch up ;)