Sunday, December 23, 2012

tough love christmas

i seriously considered titling this: the truth about christmas, because this year it's a little bit about santa showing some tough love and lessons on life.

this week i have been on a major mission to purge anything and everything i can in the house, i got on such a organizing roll that it didn't even phase me when i chucked a gift from christmas last year into the "get outta here" boxes. i even told tim, just go ahead and take it all to goodwill - knowing full well there was some stuff in there i could sell and make some extra cash. i just wanted it gone. 

each room that i went through it felt like more and more weight lifted from my mind. i have talked before about how my kids are brats when it comes to consumerism. i mean, what kid isn't? and i fully admit a lot of it is my fault - i get crazy excited giving them new toys, hoping it will bring them as much joy as that moment is - but it always fades crazy fast.

aside from the fact that money is tight right now, rowan and stella's attitudes have been blow your mind bad lately, somewhere along the lines they started thinking like they were entitled to all the things. they are not. so, remembering how last christmas went, overwhelmed kids who literally got sick of opening gifts, we set out with a different plan this year: one gift for each kid.

no joke, they literally do not need a single other toy nor will they ever take responsibility for more toys and it will just be one more thing i have to clean up and then be mad about. it is a vicious cycle people. 

so, zoe is getting an iPod touch: a spendy gift but we will be able to face time, email, or text with a more open line when she is at her dads. plus she is a little music lover so she can store all her favorites and play the games she is always going at on my iphone. 

rowan is getting a table and chair set: she always wants to play playdoh, or use glue, or so on and we don't have a good place for her to do that. trying to stick to a strict no toy rule, this was so perfect for her as we decide she was still a couple years too young for a desk.

stella is getting a small trampoline: if you know her, this is so right up her ally and a great way to burn off all that girls extra energy. aside from being a little stressed about where it will go (it isn't huge) i have wanted on for her for a while and i feel extra good about it knowing that rowan and stella will get equal joy out of each others gifts.

while, we see that it would be totally silly to spend a lot of money on robin this year, he is getting a handmade, minnesota shaped wooden teether as a special keepsake item that we can explain was his first christmas gift.

i also love that family is on board with this idea and the girls are getting things like their first wagon, dress-up clothes, and a bb gun for zoe - stuff that keeps them active and outside!

i have gotten myself a little worked up a couple of times worrying the magic will be missing from coming down to a tree full of gifts - but in the end i know this is all for the best and a great lesson to be taught.

so that is our christmas! anyone doing something similar to give your kids a great but minimalist christmas?