Wednesday, December 19, 2012

wednesday crafternoon: diy beautiful bird wings!

i made this completely with stuff i already had laying around. if i can do can too.

i am not laying claim to this awesome tutorial but wanted to instead share with you how easy it was! you know, once i realized i read the pattern wrong and was wondering why my five year old was tripping over the giant wings i had created, ha! i eventually took those apart to give her this finished product.

the secret? the scallops are in strips of four-five so if you were thinking how could you possibly cut all those feathers out - well, i folded my fabric into layers of up to six and used my pattern to cut out a ton at a time. the tutorial shows a thirteen inch span for each wing but i actually ended up making mine twenty, which turned out perfect for my five year old.

also, i made almost the whole thing no-sew. at the last minute i threw a stitch down the edges with my machine to help stop fraying and i sewed the neck and wrist ribbons on, but that was it. you could totally get away with making this without owning a machine.

funny story though - i made the base out of fabric left over from our wedding, that was used to cover tables, so don't look too closely because when rowan has her wings spread wide you can spot a win stain or two...oops.

so, if your looking for a last minutes diy christmas gift for your little one, niece, nephew, or neighbor - this is it! it took me only a few hours to complete and was free to make! i had rowan convinced that it was a skirt for me while i made it so she was really pumped when she woke up to this fun suprise all for her!