Thursday, January 31, 2013

super easy meal planning for all types of lifestyles!

my life just got a little easier this morning when i signed up for emeals! we're officially on the paleo diet with a little more clean eating focus for the girls. basically we are eating no dairy or gluten for thirty days to see how we feel then we might phase back in a few things to test the waters. mamas gotta have her cheese.

either way i have just not been feeling healthy lately and both tim and i could stand to shed a few pounds! another major reason for the push to change our eating styles is rowan - i have mentioned a few times that her behavior has been kind of all over the place and we have already singled out a few key foods that make it worse, like yogurt. she was super bummed when that got taken off the breakfast choices list but it was better for everyone. 

that being said, i have been super nervous about this change because i am no chef and i felt like a fish out of water when it came to meal planning, where we weren't eating spaghetti squash four times a week. this is where emeals comes in - it literally plans a whole week of meals for me and gives me the recipes in super easy to follow grid, then on the last page gives me a organized shopping list to take to the store. i just added everything to our grocery iq ap so that tim will get an alert and can do the shopping on his way home.

did i mention then even include side dishes?

now, i chose the paleo option for us so it picks out meals that follow the strict guidlines, but as you can see there are tons of eating lifestyles to choose from:
another feature is you can plan by which store you shop at! if kroger (fred meyer) is your go to like us it will meal plan for you that week based on the stores sales, adding even more savings onto what you get just by planning ahead! it also puts the "staple" items in parentheses in the menu, these are things that get reused throughout the plan, saving you even more shopping to do.

so, i purchased a three month subscription to the family size paleo plan. i added the healthy lunch option for just four dollars - this would be more for the girls and a lot of them i can easily alter to still follow paleo. with the code NEWYOU for 20% off, my total came to just $26.40

if i love it i'll do another subscription, but with three months of meals i think we will be set with a pretty good rotation for a while after it ends!

this is a review based totally on my own love for this site! i highly suggest that you try it out.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

robin dash :: month three

wow, three months?

well, what is new with the sweetest boy ever? tons! this last week he has started hitting the hanging toys on his activity mat purposefully and it is so fun to watch - it is also equally funny to watch him get his hands into his mouth, he is getting better and better but when he first started he would bop himself in the face several times before making it into his mouth.

we are starting to see a more distinguishable sleep pattern - he wakes up between five and six, eats, then goes right back to sleep till seven or eight. then he wakes up and watches his sisters eat breakfast then they all play in the living room for a bit. about an hour later he wants go down for his first nap, which i have getting good about putting him up in his crib for. during the day it is kind of all over place on how long, when, or where he sleeps but then he always takes a definite nap around five. we always make sure he is up and alert from six to eight because that ensures he will sleep through the night.

we are one hundred percent in cloth and i really love it! robin is full on into three to six months clothing and a lot of his six month stuff already too - this guy has rolls for days! no well-child check this month so i don't have exact stats but i am willing to bet he is sixteen+ pounds now.

this last week we got our first real belly laughs during a good tickle sesh and of course i cried i was so excited. rowan thinks every time he smiles is the best thing on earth - i hope this never changes!

my goal this month is to transition him into his crib at night...maybe. he is sleeping through the night - but when he wakes up the sides of his cradle are so close that he ends up banging his head on the rungs while he wiggles around, poor guy!

we are soaking wet from droll ALL DAY LONG and for the first time i am having to change his clothes several times a day. we also just discovered he has an intolerance to fenugreek, it was causing him to spit up everything right after each feeding and all in between, it was a mess and i am glad we got to the bottom of it.

robin is the sweetest baby i just can't get over it! at out peps group last night people kept saying he looked like a baby that never cried and well, they are right! of course he lets us know when he needs something but he is so easy going and happy almost all the time. we love this guy to the moon and back!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

thirteen weeks

Monday, January 28, 2013

baby sabye conversion wrap :: review and giveaway!

we all know i love a good baby carrier, so i was super excited when i came across this shop, BaBySaBye on the hunt for a good wrap conversion. while i love the versatility of a straight woven wrap - a conversion (basically a mei tei) helps take the work out of getting baby in and snug.

when it comes to baby wearing, there are some really gorgeous options out there and this wrap conversion does not disappoint!  Made with natural fabric and dyes in quiet colors that work for any occasion, a sensible design, and it is ergonomic to provide comfort for both mama and baby.

"This ergonomic mei-tai is made of 100% cotton. The fabric is hand-woven and dyed only with natural vegetable colors. Wide straps spread the load on all parts of wearer’s back and give additional support for baby’s back. Mei-sling is two-sided; both colors concordantly supplement each other.

The back is 14.5" (at a waist strap zone) - 16" (at shoulder straps zone) wide and 20" long.
Each shoulder strap is 9.5"-10.5'' wide and 84"-85" long.
The waist strap is 3” wide and 68.5"-69” long.

BaBy SaBye sling is packed compactly in the small bag. The instruction in English for carrying your baby in BaBy SaBye sling is included."

this has by far become one of the most handy carriers for robin while he is still small but the best part is that it is equally comfortable to carry a thirty pound stella! i got to test that theory while i lugged her around antique shopping a few weeks back and i was worried about her little hands finding things that they shouldn't. we were both so comfortable the whole time and she even fell asleep!

aside from the fabric and style being gorgeous and functional, you can also add a option hood just like the ergo. perfect for when your little one falls asleep or you want to keep them out of the rain!

so, because i love this carrier so much - i asked if i could give one away to my readers as well! all you have to do to enter is check out the rafflecopter below! there are few different ways to enter! this giveaway will run or two weeks at which time a winner will be chosen at random. open to us residents only, thanks and good luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

i was given a wrap in exchange for this review, however all text and opinions are my own.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

wendesday crafternoon :: glitter ombre' nails

all the drama and pink aside, girls are just way too much fun! i love that rowan is finally at an age that i can paint her fingernails and i can tell her "hold still or else" and she knows i mean business, and we actually can do some fun things with the huge collections of nail paint i have collected since i was not much older then her.

today we tried one of my pinterest to-do list, glitter ombre ' nails, and it was super easy and we had everything we needed right here at home and i bet you do to!

nail polish color of choice
clear coat
super fine glitter in coordinating color

paint a thin coat of color on each nail and let dry. then starting with just one nail at a time, paint a second heavier coat, then grab a pinch of glitter (i poured a little pile on some paper for quick access) and sprinkle starting at the base of the nail, this is where it will be the heaviest. finally sprinkling a tiny pit up towards tip of nail. repeat on each nail till all are covered. finally, add a coat or two of a good clear coat to seal in your design!

this was super fun to do, went quickly which was great for a squirmy preschooler, and looks awesome. i wonder if i can teach her how to do it on mine, haha. sure it doesn't look just like it does on pinterest - but does it ever?

words on wednesday :: the only photo i took on christmas

i guess i could worry that i was a failure capturing christmas but i am feeling just the opposite. my camera laid only a few feet away from me but i was so wrapped up in the fun and giggles of my family all through the holiday that i didn't bother preserving memories that i could print - rather ones that would stay in my heart forever.

it may not be a perfect photo, but what more can you ask, then for three of the four to be looking and smiling? 

Monday, January 21, 2013

getting to know my readers!

i almost couldn't believe it this morning when i noticed how close i was to a thousand posts since my first post on feburary 2, 2009. it has been a crazy fun journey navigating life as a blogger, getting to know myself and so many great people through my writing.

one thing i have focused a lot more the last year specifically is growing my blog not only as a resource and place place to journal but as a small business for myself. i attended blogher in the summer, started working with big and small companies on reviews and giveaways, and upped my ad exposure as well as taking in more myself - all great experiences! all that being said i want to continue this growth in a positive way - i think the next step is really getting to know my reader demographics.

so, enough about me! i want to hear about you!

i have put together this quick survey for you to take. i promise it will be painless - i just want to know a few thing about you and it will be one hundred percent anonymous. wether this is your first time visiting or your are a long time follower, feel free to answer!

Friday, January 18, 2013

baby colds are a bummer

you may have noticed that it was a little quiet around here and that is because we have all caught the plague in some form or another. it is the hardest watching my little buddy get sick with his first cold - so much snot is happening that it is causing him to throw up, which isn't fun for anyone!

the girls never had colds like this till they got a little older so i was a at a loss as to how to help my little man get through this one and all of us get a little more sleep. 

so, since it takes a village, i went straight to instagram and twitter for some help. on top of the things i was already doing, i got some really great advice - so thank you to anyone who chimed in on that! i wanted to share some good tips to survive this season that is upon us.

baby vicks babyrub: every night before bed i massage a little bit of this magical stuff onto the bottoms of robin's feet and just a tiny bit onto his chest and then zip him up in his jams. 

nose frida + little noses sterile saline mist spray: every diaper change i give each nostril a little squirt and then go about the diaper change, giving the saline solution a chance to loosen everything up a bit. when we are done i use our beloved nose frida to clear those little nostrils. at night i make sure to get them extra clear or robin has a hard time settling into sleep.

cool mist humidifier: i have kept this guy going full blast near wherever robin has been sleeping to help keep his cough and boogies moist while helping with sinus irritation. i can promise the husband and i are benefiting from this one too!

a quick outside walk: this was one of my favorite ones, we bundle robin up and take him outside for a few minutes. this helps clear his congestion and he also loves being outside after being cooped up all day.

elevation: i pulled the swing into the bedroom after a restless night of sleep. you could tell the drainage was bothering him so being in a slight sitting position gave him a chance to settle and fall asleep. this has been a added bonus for us too - since having him sleep there we are getting 10+ of sleep versus the 8 we normally get.

a steamy bathroom: i think everyone knows this trick by now but i have been pulling rob into the bathroom with me and having him hang out in his bouncer while i shower giving him a chance to loosen up some of his congestion.

chiropractic care: it is strongly believed that child adjustments can cure or help with ear ailments and since both rowan and stella suffered tremendously from them i have been on the lookout with robin since it tends to be a reoccurrence with every child. when robin started showing signs of congestion i made sure we saw our chiropractor to help fight any build up and pressure that might be occurring.

i also had been tackling his tiny fever of 100 with tylenol (scared to death he was contracting the flu/pneumonia my nephew was fighting) when i got some great advice from my friend/doula. a fever is our body's way of fighting off whatever is ailing it, so her advice was to stop the tylenol till he was visibly uncomfortable, not eating, not sleeping, or real fussy (or around 101.5) giving his little fever a chance to help him get better!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

newborn chiropractic care and what to expect

ok, here's the deal - i have talked about our love for chiropractic care before but this is a little more specific. right before robin's first appointment i tried to google what i should expect from the visit, step by step. i am a step by step person, i need to take on a new "thing" knowing all the information, that is just how i work. visuals? even better.

i didn't have much luck finding exactly what i wanted but i knew i still wanted chiropractic care for robin. i love it for the girls and knew it would he no exception...but he is so tiny. i had read horror stories when i researched craniosacral and those were still in the back of my mind. our chiropractor adjusts the girls just like he does tim and i, so i was super curious how it works with a newborn. luckily i had recently had a conversation with our doula/friend about when she took her newborn daughter there - we joked about how dr. myco is the body builder type and while normally his energy seems big and loud, the second he takes your baby in his arms it calms and wraps around them. this made me smile.

again, already planning on having regular adjustments for robin all throughout his life, i went into this with some minor concerns. there was the thing with his neck, how he always preferred to have it to the left and craned way back, looking up, due to how he was in my womb. this was already way better with time and craniosacral but lingered a little. also, when he was flat on his back he would curve his mid back on the side, kinda into a side crunch position. theses are all things dr. myco picked up on without me even telling him.

*disclaimer: having brought up robin's visit a couple of times i have learned that the way our chiropractor did things isn't always the exact way it happens but still seems pretty common. i already knew that he was particularly trained and certified for newborn chiropractic care and that is something you should verify as well. it also really helps if someone, or several people who have taken their infants can give you a recommendation.

right away i expressed my nervousness and i made sure there would be no bending or cracking. dr. myco received all my questions very well and then explained how babies are still so much cartilage right now that their adjustments can be described as, "checking a melon for ripeness" and then showed me on my arm the firmness he would use and it was next to nothing pressure wise.

to start, the doctor took robin and spent a couple of minutes just holding him, getting to know him. he observed how robin held his neck up and looked around. next he laid him on his (the dr's) knees so that robin's feet were at his chest and robin was looking up at him. then, he spent a couple of minutes slightly lifting him by his arms to test his strength and how evenly he was lifting - at this point one arm was coming up before the other. 

this next part is the oddest - even though i was totally expecting it! dr. myco carefully wrapped his hands around robin's feet and ankles and lifted him upside down into the air. i have to laugh at myself a little because even though i knew days before that he would do this and he told me at the beginning of the appointment, and warned me right before he did it - i still jumped out of my chair like i needed to catch robin. 

while robin was upside down he took a few seconds to explain how robin was curving to one side a bit and that he was keeping of of his arms tucked up by his chest. a well aligned baby will hang perfectly straight with his arms dangling straight down below his head.

next he spent a few minutes applying some pressure to his neck, mid back, and what appeared to be his ribs. he kept us involved by telling us what he was doing and then letting us know when he got good releases on the problem spots, stopping to hang him upside down again after every couple of "adjustments" to check where he was in correcting the issues.

robin didn't fuss once and even smiled after a couple releases.

by the end, and we're only talking a few minutes here, robin was hanging totally straight with his arms straight down and was all smiles and coos for dr. myco. dr. myco gave us instructions to hang robin upside down at home during every diaper change - i am compromising and doing it with the morning change until i get a little more comfortable with it, haha. it is done for two reasons, it seems - to show where the problem is, if they are our of alignment and also just the act of hanging them upside down helps them self adjust, plus they love it! ever notice how your toddler loves to hang upside down from your lap? like they get a rush from it? it is actually very soothing and comfortable for them.

immediately after robin was visibly more aligned and felt so when you held him, this made me super happy and confirmed for me why i took him in the first place. think about it...their little bodies go through so much between how they are for so long in the womb to how they are born that you can imagine how out of whack they can get.

we have been back once now since and right away dr. myco noticed he was looking a lot better. he got right down to business hanging him upside then "adjusting" a couple of trouble spots. again, robin smiled through the whole thing and was hanging straight by the end. when i had a look on my face that alerted dr. myco i was concerned about the pressure he was applying he showed me on my knee again and i was reassured it was next to nothing. after we got home, robin was noticeably more aligned again and favored looking straight ahead versus craning his head to one side.

we still probably have one or two more visits before the initial trouble spots are completely cleared up but taking queues from robin, we are keeping up with it for now.

whew, that was a mouthful! but there you have step by step what to expect if you chose chiropractic care for your newborn. i know so many people who swear by it and it is finally being recognized by more people as a useful medical practice. does your family see a chiropractor?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

eleven weeks

Friday, January 11, 2013


for the second time now, in the wake of the seahawks going to the playoffs - our church cancels most of the days services and puts on this (scene from 2011):
this week is no exception as the hawks head to atlanta, but not before the eastlake team released this video today. i can't stop watching. tears every time. stella goes nuts when he says, "you got golden tate-ed!" we love it!

we're coming for you atlanta!

liam + robin

my charming colors adult earmuff giveaway!

i am so excited about the giveaway i have for you guys this week!

jess from my little mustache is just about one of my favorite people on the interwebs - you'll be hard pressed to find someone more considerate and generous then her!

when we found out that robin would be a little boy i went right to her etsy shop, my charming colors, to have a special fox hat made to keep his little head warm through the cold winter. of course it was perfect, so well made, and unique - since then i have been drooling over her other products, even stuff for me!

since the start of the holiday season jess and her adorable son judah have been on a mission to make strangers feel a little more loved and appreciated and to encourage others to learn from their random acts. these two have been such an inspiration to the girls and me that we felt compelled to pay forward some kind acts of our own!

so in the spirit of all of this jess has very generously offered to create a adult sized earmuff for one of my readers! are you excited yet?
how gorgeous is that? to enter please check out the rafflecopter below for many ways you can increase your chances of winning! the giveaway will run from today till next friday where a winner will be selected at random - thanks for entering and good luck!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

baby wearing our newborn

by now your familiar with the fact that baby wearing, talking about baby wearing, and hunting down new awesome carriers is one of my favorite things! we have generously received some great carriers and well as purchased other must haves - a lot of these after stella was quite a bit bigger, still well within carrying limits but it is a totally different experience carrying a thirty pound toddler then it is a infant. 

that all being said, while i was pregnant i had been dying to try out some of my new carriers with robin, thinking all along that it would be really great to kind of layout and document my experience and review of each one. i know my preferences will change over time. a carrier that feels amazing carrying stella isn't the same for robin or one that stella likes best is different for robin as well. also, sometimes it even comes down to what we are doing and what is best for me!

a good carrier isn't always budget friendly (however, i will list some options below!) so it is important that you find one that you can use through many stages and that is comfortable for a baby and a toddler, unless you plan on purchasing several. i have had a lot of luck purchasing used off craigslist, i even scored my fifty dollar ergo seconds after i posted a "wanted" ad for one and then a couple of years later scored an organic ergo at a garage sale for fifteen dollars. another option is a lot of boutique style baby shops that are centered around attachment parenting and organic living allow you the option to come in and try on the carriers - take your baby and let the staff help you find a good fit and educate you on how to wear it and your baby correctly.

carriers like baby bjorns (and almost anything you can wear your baby front facing in) are not good for your baby or their development at all. it is unnatural for their legs to dangle the way these carriers allow and can cause some serious hip and back problems, a frog position is much more natural. i also know from experience that they are no good for mom and dads back either! it is so important to use a carrier that is equally distributing baby's weight. in the didymos instruction booklet it asks you to do a little test to experience the optimal vs. bad leg position. stand on one leg with your other one held out in front bent at the knee. place your hands under your knee to support your leg and let the full weight of your leg rest into your hands. now move your hands back towards your bum. you will instantly begin to feel a strain in your back that wasn’t there when your leg was supported under the knee. that’s the same strain a baby will feel when his legs aren’t supported to the knee. (source)

there are a million other benefits that come along with baby wearing that hold up well into toddler hood. just the other day i wore stella to avoid pushing a stroller through tiny old town boutique shops and also helped keep little stella hands from breaking all the things. i stayed super comfortable the whole time and she even fell asleep!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

our fairy door, the installation.

ok, i just couldn't wait to share this with you! i am still waiting for a little outside flower sconce to come and we're on the hunt for the perfect ladder or way to make some tiny stairs but the girls are as gaga over this new piece of our home and i am too! ps, i totally have tim talked into letting me paint a faint brick facade behind the door - we're planning on painting here soon anyway so might as well have some fun with it!

doll house door $11.00
knob $4.00
paint (already had)
total: $15.00

while stella was taking a nap the fairy door installers arrived and finished up installing our new door. i waited to really introduce it until rowan got home from her dads and noticed it - then told them how it came to be...

we have talked with the girls about its many uses - the tooth fairy, santa's elves, tinkerbell, and other other tiny magical creature that would like to visit us can use this door. they aren't allowed to bother anyone on the other side unless it is via tiny notes left outside the door and they are aware that it only opens from the inside otherwise it ruins the magic.

i let tim pick out the door from hobby lobby, they were out of the one i had originally in mind but was ok with this one too, he even did a great job picking out a simple door knob! i also, ordered a knocker and mail slot to add later. the only draw back with this particular door is it is framed weird so it pops off the wall - we're currently brainstorming how to add trim around it. i was a little worried about the tiny plastic window, if they could see through it the girls wouldn't buy into it, so i added a piece of yellow paper and some parchment paper to add the look of a faint glow in the window like you would see in a real house from the street at night. i have also found some fun dollhouse sites and love bookmarking 12:1 scale etsy shops for fun little props to go along with our fairy door. i am dying over tiny patio furniture and gardening tools.

when i started out with this idea i knew exactly how i wanted my door to look. some tutorials i peeked at mentioned painting it the color of your wall and trim so it blends but i wanted it to pop and initiate conversation - that is also why we chose to place it at the mid landing on the stairs. it is visible from the main downstairs hallway. i painted it a fun turquoise with white trim and then mildly distressed it with some sandpaper when it had fully dried.

tim is going to hate this part...but when the tooth fairy starts visiting, she will be leaving a trail of large glitter from the door to the kids pillows. i would have just put the door in their room, but with the toddler on the loose it may have lasted a day and half.

if your not up for making your own, etsy had some really awesome tooth fairy portals, gorgeous statement doors, magical ones, or fun ones made for little gardens!

i will try and post when we update our door or do fun things to surprise the girls after a fairy visits. so follow along on our magical adventure with our fairy door.
this is such a fun activity with kids! by placing an inexpensive door on the wall you open up a million possibilities of magic and imagination - can't wait to hear if you try it!

snow day

this saturday, we had finally gotten tired of waiting around for some seattle snow and went on a hunt to find our own. we didn't have to go far as we live pretty close to one of the best ski areas in washington - we did however have to go a little ways more to escape the rain that had followed us from home.

all of the apprehensions i had about having robin out and about in the cold and possibly being far from the car when nursing time rolled around, went right out the door the second we were there. it was such a blast, the temps were right around thirty-three, so not too terrible to really enjoy yourself.

we had pulled off on a random little turn out and ran across the street to the perfect area with little sledding hills and snow shoes trails perfect for pulling the girls down on their sleds.

tim's dad was in town with his wife chris and tim's sister, her husband, and stella's two little cousins also came along. 

i even sled down the hill! i almost lost my iphone and broke my leg, but it was really great to hand the baby off and let of some steam having fun! did i ever tell you about the time tim got a compound fracture sledding as a young kid? yea, until yesterday i had always joked that he was banished from sledding with the kids but seeing him and stella sled down the hill together was the best ever - we made some great memories last weekend!

i want to squeeze in as many more trips to this spot as possible this season, but first i need to procure some snow gear other then the snowboard pants i bought when i weighed a hundred and twenty pounds and actual snow boots versus the rain ones i wore, yikes.

hopefully we still get a good dumping at least once at home but until then we'll enjoy some a short car ride away.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

woven wrap hammock!

slowly starting to cross things off my pinterest to-do list, we went right to the wrap hammock as one of our top favorites. i had to organize this morning fun while the big sisters were at their dads - as much as i would have loved to let them join in this was going to be a hammock for one, the littlest lady in the house. 

i wouldn't recommend this with a soft wrap like a moby, unless you are done using it as a carrier because even my woven wrap stretched a bit, good thing it was in need of a good stretching!

all we did was wrap it around the top of the table while tim looked up how to tie a sturdy square knot. we had to play around a little with what height we started at because once you pull the knot tight and the toddler climbs in the hammock drops a lot.

if you don't have a woven wrap, fear not! i don't see any reason why you couldn't do this with any strong woven/knit fabric that you found in the clearance section at the fabric store, just make sure you get enough yardage.

stella had so much fun in her personal hammock! our table was the perfect height for this and it only took her a couple of tries of climbing in and out before she wasn't falling out. like i mentioned before, the older girls are way to big to do this so it will be tucked away as a special activity just for stella from time to time.

check out the dye job on my chimparoo! i fall a little more in love with the outcome every time i pull it out.
can't wait to hear if you try this out!

Monday, January 7, 2013

weekend hangover, ya feel me?

we just had the best weekend with tim's family in town and wrapping up the last of the holiday celebrations. while i take a breather over here and try and catch up on dishes and emails and posts and laundry and and and - here is a cute photo of cute baby being cute!
i can not believe this little dude is ten weeks old on tuesday! 

did anyone see that glorious seahawks playoff win this weekend? seattle produces a lot of great, starbucks, nordstroms, and best of all beast mode!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

on repeat :: macklemore and ryan lewis, thrift shop

i seriously can't get enough! andplusalso, they are from seattle.

one hundred pinterest things to do.

i don't know about you but i have over twenty-five hundred things pinned on my pinterest boards. granted a lot of it is different versions of the same thing, fonts, blog tutorials, wedding stuff from last year, and websites where to find great bracelets - but the rest of it, and there is still a lot, is super fun crafts and tasks i have been dying to do, or rather, are taunting me like mad lately.

so, one of my new years whatevers is to start checking things off my pinterest to do list. here i have created a check list of the top ones i have been eyeing up lately, leaving about twenty blank that i will add as i go. because we all know i pin my best new ideas during a three am feeding.

not all are going to be crafts that steal all my monies. hopefully most will be simple things that just bring my family and i joy, that i can conjure up using things around my house. i say "one hundred" because i figure with fifty-two weeks in the year, holding myself accountable to at least two a week isn't asking too much right? and if i can get more than that done in a week then i can afford some down time.

this can also be a fun little experiment to see how a lot of diy and tutorials hold up to the average mildly crafty housewife. because personally i have a lot of things pinned that swear they're easy that i already call bullshit on. we'll see how many "nailed its" and "pinterest fails" come out of this.

i'll add a easy to find button up there in my navigation bar and try remember to link the posts with the finished product for you to see!

let's get started!

21. dip dye some old prefold diapers pinterest fail!
32. make martha's awesome door mat but paint it like this
41. wrap a package like this or this or this
47. bubble paint with straws - oye, the mess
50. make our own tufted headboard
51. fruit salsa, yum.
52. take my sister's maternity photos for baby number three
53. make this halloween garland
54. washi tape family of silhouettes
55. trix on a stick, duh.
56. make a version of this cute "brother" sign
57. get a photo like this of robin
58. frozen butterbeer with schnapps!
59. get this tattoo
60. side walk chalk paint fun
61. paint some sticks
62. painted plastic animal storage
63. make robin some boy bibs
64. gradation dye some easter eggs
65. make these braided headbands for the girls
66. make a version of these clips for the girls
67. lunch skewers for the kids!
68. make a version of this "i love you because:" sign
69. make this bracelet for me and a friend
70. get this photo of the girls
71. add some lace to too short shorts
72. making these bibs too!
73. do something fun like this with the huge bag of peg clothespins i have
74. make these painted marker rocks for our container garden
75. finally do an elf on the shelf!
76. try christmas card idea or at least just for the photo!
77. finally going to get our outdoor chalkboard up!
78. human bubble!
79. paint the front door
80. polk-a-dot some old jeans of the girls
81. make a crib size quilt sorta like this
81. make bread machine jam rolls, yum!
82. turn a nightstand into a play kitchen done, see it here!
83. paint a giant cross-stitch piece somewhere

i tried to link to the original site when pinterest would allow or otherwise linked just to the pin. if i have one wrong please let me know so i can give credit where it is due - thanks!