Friday, January 18, 2013

baby colds are a bummer

you may have noticed that it was a little quiet around here and that is because we have all caught the plague in some form or another. it is the hardest watching my little buddy get sick with his first cold - so much snot is happening that it is causing him to throw up, which isn't fun for anyone!

the girls never had colds like this till they got a little older so i was a at a loss as to how to help my little man get through this one and all of us get a little more sleep. 

so, since it takes a village, i went straight to instagram and twitter for some help. on top of the things i was already doing, i got some really great advice - so thank you to anyone who chimed in on that! i wanted to share some good tips to survive this season that is upon us.

baby vicks babyrub: every night before bed i massage a little bit of this magical stuff onto the bottoms of robin's feet and just a tiny bit onto his chest and then zip him up in his jams. 

nose frida + little noses sterile saline mist spray: every diaper change i give each nostril a little squirt and then go about the diaper change, giving the saline solution a chance to loosen everything up a bit. when we are done i use our beloved nose frida to clear those little nostrils. at night i make sure to get them extra clear or robin has a hard time settling into sleep.

cool mist humidifier: i have kept this guy going full blast near wherever robin has been sleeping to help keep his cough and boogies moist while helping with sinus irritation. i can promise the husband and i are benefiting from this one too!

a quick outside walk: this was one of my favorite ones, we bundle robin up and take him outside for a few minutes. this helps clear his congestion and he also loves being outside after being cooped up all day.

elevation: i pulled the swing into the bedroom after a restless night of sleep. you could tell the drainage was bothering him so being in a slight sitting position gave him a chance to settle and fall asleep. this has been a added bonus for us too - since having him sleep there we are getting 10+ of sleep versus the 8 we normally get.

a steamy bathroom: i think everyone knows this trick by now but i have been pulling rob into the bathroom with me and having him hang out in his bouncer while i shower giving him a chance to loosen up some of his congestion.

chiropractic care: it is strongly believed that child adjustments can cure or help with ear ailments and since both rowan and stella suffered tremendously from them i have been on the lookout with robin since it tends to be a reoccurrence with every child. when robin started showing signs of congestion i made sure we saw our chiropractor to help fight any build up and pressure that might be occurring.

i also had been tackling his tiny fever of 100 with tylenol (scared to death he was contracting the flu/pneumonia my nephew was fighting) when i got some great advice from my friend/doula. a fever is our body's way of fighting off whatever is ailing it, so her advice was to stop the tylenol till he was visibly uncomfortable, not eating, not sleeping, or real fussy (or around 101.5) giving his little fever a chance to help him get better!


melissa rohr said...


I happened to stumble on your blog and decided to be a follower, would you please due the same for me?

melissa rohr said...

Yuck! My 2mo contracted a cold from her brother and put us in exactly the same boat a few months back. We were surprised at just how much snot a tiny baby can produce and at a loss for how in the world to get it out, save the mucus barf. Thank heavens for the Nose Frida!

Now we're back at this a few months later after a toddler coughed directly into my toddlers face on the playground. It makes me wish I could never leave the house during cold season. I know, I know, boosting immune systems early and blah blah. But it's sheer misery when wee ones are ill.

Hope you're all healthy — and snot-free — soon!