Monday, January 21, 2013

getting to know my readers!

i almost couldn't believe it this morning when i noticed how close i was to a thousand posts since my first post on feburary 2, 2009. it has been a crazy fun journey navigating life as a blogger, getting to know myself and so many great people through my writing.

one thing i have focused a lot more the last year specifically is growing my blog not only as a resource and place place to journal but as a small business for myself. i attended blogher in the summer, started working with big and small companies on reviews and giveaways, and upped my ad exposure as well as taking in more myself - all great experiences! all that being said i want to continue this growth in a positive way - i think the next step is really getting to know my reader demographics.

so, enough about me! i want to hear about you!

i have put together this quick survey for you to take. i promise it will be painless - i just want to know a few thing about you and it will be one hundred percent anonymous. wether this is your first time visiting or your are a long time follower, feel free to answer!