Wednesday, January 2, 2013

one hundred pinterest things to do.

i don't know about you but i have over twenty-five hundred things pinned on my pinterest boards. granted a lot of it is different versions of the same thing, fonts, blog tutorials, wedding stuff from last year, and websites where to find great bracelets - but the rest of it, and there is still a lot, is super fun crafts and tasks i have been dying to do, or rather, are taunting me like mad lately.

so, one of my new years whatevers is to start checking things off my pinterest to do list. here i have created a check list of the top ones i have been eyeing up lately, leaving about twenty blank that i will add as i go. because we all know i pin my best new ideas during a three am feeding.

not all are going to be crafts that steal all my monies. hopefully most will be simple things that just bring my family and i joy, that i can conjure up using things around my house. i say "one hundred" because i figure with fifty-two weeks in the year, holding myself accountable to at least two a week isn't asking too much right? and if i can get more than that done in a week then i can afford some down time.

this can also be a fun little experiment to see how a lot of diy and tutorials hold up to the average mildly crafty housewife. because personally i have a lot of things pinned that swear they're easy that i already call bullshit on. we'll see how many "nailed its" and "pinterest fails" come out of this.

i'll add a easy to find button up there in my navigation bar and try remember to link the posts with the finished product for you to see!

let's get started!

21. dip dye some old prefold diapers pinterest fail!
32. make martha's awesome door mat but paint it like this
41. wrap a package like this or this or this
47. bubble paint with straws - oye, the mess
50. make our own tufted headboard
51. fruit salsa, yum.
52. take my sister's maternity photos for baby number three
53. make this halloween garland
54. washi tape family of silhouettes
55. trix on a stick, duh.
56. make a version of this cute "brother" sign
57. get a photo like this of robin
58. frozen butterbeer with schnapps!
59. get this tattoo
60. side walk chalk paint fun
61. paint some sticks
62. painted plastic animal storage
63. make robin some boy bibs
64. gradation dye some easter eggs
65. make these braided headbands for the girls
66. make a version of these clips for the girls
67. lunch skewers for the kids!
68. make a version of this "i love you because:" sign
69. make this bracelet for me and a friend
70. get this photo of the girls
71. add some lace to too short shorts
72. making these bibs too!
73. do something fun like this with the huge bag of peg clothespins i have
74. make these painted marker rocks for our container garden
75. finally do an elf on the shelf!
76. try christmas card idea or at least just for the photo!
77. finally going to get our outdoor chalkboard up!
78. human bubble!
79. paint the front door
80. polk-a-dot some old jeans of the girls
81. make a crib size quilt sorta like this
81. make bread machine jam rolls, yum!
82. turn a nightstand into a play kitchen done, see it here!
83. paint a giant cross-stitch piece somewhere

i tried to link to the original site when pinterest would allow or otherwise linked just to the pin. if i have one wrong please let me know so i can give credit where it is due - thanks!


melissa rohr said...

What a fun idea! I've got so many things on Pinterest that I want to do, too. Can't wait to see how these turn out for you!

melissa rohr said...

Wow! You have quite a lot to do. :) I have slowly been ticking things off my pinterest boards, mainly recipes. :)