Wednesday, January 30, 2013

robin dash :: month three

wow, three months?

well, what is new with the sweetest boy ever? tons! this last week he has started hitting the hanging toys on his activity mat purposefully and it is so fun to watch - it is also equally funny to watch him get his hands into his mouth, he is getting better and better but when he first started he would bop himself in the face several times before making it into his mouth.

we are starting to see a more distinguishable sleep pattern - he wakes up between five and six, eats, then goes right back to sleep till seven or eight. then he wakes up and watches his sisters eat breakfast then they all play in the living room for a bit. about an hour later he wants go down for his first nap, which i have getting good about putting him up in his crib for. during the day it is kind of all over place on how long, when, or where he sleeps but then he always takes a definite nap around five. we always make sure he is up and alert from six to eight because that ensures he will sleep through the night.

we are one hundred percent in cloth and i really love it! robin is full on into three to six months clothing and a lot of his six month stuff already too - this guy has rolls for days! no well-child check this month so i don't have exact stats but i am willing to bet he is sixteen+ pounds now.

this last week we got our first real belly laughs during a good tickle sesh and of course i cried i was so excited. rowan thinks every time he smiles is the best thing on earth - i hope this never changes!

my goal this month is to transition him into his crib at night...maybe. he is sleeping through the night - but when he wakes up the sides of his cradle are so close that he ends up banging his head on the rungs while he wiggles around, poor guy!

we are soaking wet from droll ALL DAY LONG and for the first time i am having to change his clothes several times a day. we also just discovered he has an intolerance to fenugreek, it was causing him to spit up everything right after each feeding and all in between, it was a mess and i am glad we got to the bottom of it.

robin is the sweetest baby i just can't get over it! at out peps group last night people kept saying he looked like a baby that never cried and well, they are right! of course he lets us know when he needs something but he is so easy going and happy almost all the time. we love this guy to the moon and back!


melissa rohr said...

awwwwww I die over his cuteness. its just too much. I LOVE HIM!

melissa rohr said...

yea, he is pretty much the cutest ever.

melissa rohr said...

Chunky belly!