Wednesday, January 9, 2013

snow day

this saturday, we had finally gotten tired of waiting around for some seattle snow and went on a hunt to find our own. we didn't have to go far as we live pretty close to one of the best ski areas in washington - we did however have to go a little ways more to escape the rain that had followed us from home.

all of the apprehensions i had about having robin out and about in the cold and possibly being far from the car when nursing time rolled around, went right out the door the second we were there. it was such a blast, the temps were right around thirty-three, so not too terrible to really enjoy yourself.

we had pulled off on a random little turn out and ran across the street to the perfect area with little sledding hills and snow shoes trails perfect for pulling the girls down on their sleds.

tim's dad was in town with his wife chris and tim's sister, her husband, and stella's two little cousins also came along. 

i even sled down the hill! i almost lost my iphone and broke my leg, but it was really great to hand the baby off and let of some steam having fun! did i ever tell you about the time tim got a compound fracture sledding as a young kid? yea, until yesterday i had always joked that he was banished from sledding with the kids but seeing him and stella sled down the hill together was the best ever - we made some great memories last weekend!

i want to squeeze in as many more trips to this spot as possible this season, but first i need to procure some snow gear other then the snowboard pants i bought when i weighed a hundred and twenty pounds and actual snow boots versus the rain ones i wore, yikes.

hopefully we still get a good dumping at least once at home but until then we'll enjoy some a short car ride away.


bohomamasoul said...

I love your family! You guys are awesome.