Thursday, January 31, 2013

super easy meal planning for all types of lifestyles!

my life just got a little easier this morning when i signed up for emeals! we're officially on the paleo diet with a little more clean eating focus for the girls. basically we are eating no dairy or gluten for thirty days to see how we feel then we might phase back in a few things to test the waters. mamas gotta have her cheese.

either way i have just not been feeling healthy lately and both tim and i could stand to shed a few pounds! another major reason for the push to change our eating styles is rowan - i have mentioned a few times that her behavior has been kind of all over the place and we have already singled out a few key foods that make it worse, like yogurt. she was super bummed when that got taken off the breakfast choices list but it was better for everyone. 

that being said, i have been super nervous about this change because i am no chef and i felt like a fish out of water when it came to meal planning, where we weren't eating spaghetti squash four times a week. this is where emeals comes in - it literally plans a whole week of meals for me and gives me the recipes in super easy to follow grid, then on the last page gives me a organized shopping list to take to the store. i just added everything to our grocery iq ap so that tim will get an alert and can do the shopping on his way home.

did i mention then even include side dishes?

now, i chose the paleo option for us so it picks out meals that follow the strict guidlines, but as you can see there are tons of eating lifestyles to choose from:
another feature is you can plan by which store you shop at! if kroger (fred meyer) is your go to like us it will meal plan for you that week based on the stores sales, adding even more savings onto what you get just by planning ahead! it also puts the "staple" items in parentheses in the menu, these are things that get reused throughout the plan, saving you even more shopping to do.

so, i purchased a three month subscription to the family size paleo plan. i added the healthy lunch option for just four dollars - this would be more for the girls and a lot of them i can easily alter to still follow paleo. with the code NEWYOU for 20% off, my total came to just $26.40

if i love it i'll do another subscription, but with three months of meals i think we will be set with a pretty good rotation for a while after it ends!

this is a review based totally on my own love for this site! i highly suggest that you try it out.


melissa rohr said...

This is really cool! I want to look into this, especially since they have a gluten free option (husband has Celiac). Thanks for sharing!

melissa rohr said...

yep! i know meal planning is so budget friendly but i am the worst at it and we wander around the store buying stuff we don't use or that is pricey. i am excited for how this will change that too!

melissa rohr said...

I am terrible at meal planning so I'm looking forward to seeing how you like this!