Wednesday, January 23, 2013

wendesday crafternoon :: glitter ombre' nails

all the drama and pink aside, girls are just way too much fun! i love that rowan is finally at an age that i can paint her fingernails and i can tell her "hold still or else" and she knows i mean business, and we actually can do some fun things with the huge collections of nail paint i have collected since i was not much older then her.

today we tried one of my pinterest to-do list, glitter ombre ' nails, and it was super easy and we had everything we needed right here at home and i bet you do to!

nail polish color of choice
clear coat
super fine glitter in coordinating color

paint a thin coat of color on each nail and let dry. then starting with just one nail at a time, paint a second heavier coat, then grab a pinch of glitter (i poured a little pile on some paper for quick access) and sprinkle starting at the base of the nail, this is where it will be the heaviest. finally sprinkling a tiny pit up towards tip of nail. repeat on each nail till all are covered. finally, add a coat or two of a good clear coat to seal in your design!

this was super fun to do, went quickly which was great for a squirmy preschooler, and looks awesome. i wonder if i can teach her how to do it on mine, haha. sure it doesn't look just like it does on pinterest - but does it ever?