Tuesday, January 8, 2013

woven wrap hammock!

slowly starting to cross things off my pinterest to-do list, we went right to the wrap hammock as one of our top favorites. i had to organize this morning fun while the big sisters were at their dads - as much as i would have loved to let them join in this was going to be a hammock for one, the littlest lady in the house. 

i wouldn't recommend this with a soft wrap like a moby, unless you are done using it as a carrier because even my woven wrap stretched a bit, good thing it was in need of a good stretching!

all we did was wrap it around the top of the table while tim looked up how to tie a sturdy square knot. we had to play around a little with what height we started at because once you pull the knot tight and the toddler climbs in the hammock drops a lot.

if you don't have a woven wrap, fear not! i don't see any reason why you couldn't do this with any strong woven/knit fabric that you found in the clearance section at the fabric store, just make sure you get enough yardage.

stella had so much fun in her personal hammock! our table was the perfect height for this and it only took her a couple of tries of climbing in and out before she wasn't falling out. like i mentioned before, the older girls are way to big to do this so it will be tucked away as a special activity just for stella from time to time.

check out the dye job on my chimparoo! i fall a little more in love with the outcome every time i pull it out.
can't wait to hear if you try this out!