Tuesday, February 26, 2013

a quick desk make over

i had literally just got done saying to tim that i wanted to find rowan a desk this summer before she goes to kindergarten, when i hopped on facebook, on of my my swap/trade pages, and found the perfect project desk. granted after i got it home i was kicking myself for paying about ten more dollars then i should have - it had some tiny water spots on top and the veneer was scuffed in a few places.

i knew i wanted stripes somewhere and i was glad that other then the top, the desk was in good shape (the drawer needs some tinkering with) so i really just had to focus on the top. these days i barely have time to shower let alone makeover a whole desk so i got to work with a super quick diy.

i taped out my stripes at two inches each since that is how wide my tape was it worked out perfect. then using the cheapest of cheap ikea paint brushes, i lightly painted on one coat. i was thrilled when it came out very bristly looking - i had planned on sanding it to distress it but using this paintbrush gave me the exact look i wanted, score!

after i was done, i decided that in a couple of days when it is totally dry i will re-tape and hit the actual desk, where the white stripes are, with some white paint to help cover up the trouble spots still visible.

so, moral of the story is - don't dismiss a cheap or old worn down piece of furniture. a little paint and sanding here and some stripes there and your dumpster find (mine wasn't from a dumpster but you know what i mean) is a awesome focal piece for a room!

i am now on the hunt for some cute baskets to put on the shelves and a little vintage school chair for her to sit at. i think i am going to do something fun with some mason jars for storing her pencils and crayons.

i think tim is just glad i didn't try and put chevrons or chalk board paint on it, ha!


melissa rohr said...

It looks great!

melissa rohr said...

i think i need to seal it, haha the top is already all nicked :/