Monday, February 11, 2013

cupid got me...

congrats to emily peck on winning the baby sabye mei tai!

i am super excited about rowan's valentine's day card this year! last year those bug cards were a total hit so we had to make sure and keep up with a fun a different idea. i loved that card i had seen around a few years where it looks like the kiddo is holding a sucker in their hand, but why not take it further?
you have no idea how difficult it is directing a kid, trying to get her to make the right face for this, haha!

we started with half a yard of some fun, sorta valentine's dayish fabric and hung it on the wall with tape, in the room with the highest natural light. then, we just worked on different surprise faces until we had a photo we both loved. i popped it into photoshop and ran florabella's classic color action with a few adjustments. we played with some different text ideas before settling on: 

"cupid got me...
happy valentine's day friend!
xoxo rowan"

using an exacto knife i cut the two slits in good spots that worked with where she was looking and to make it look as "real" as possible. we were totally satisfied with just he sucker in there so we decided to add the paper end to give it more texture and fun.

i just saw that the paper mama did a similar idea with the illusion of a 3-d object as part of the photo, you should check that out! what did you do for cards for your little ones to pass out? i am always looking for new fresh ideas!

i think we are both pretty excited for her to hand these out!


melissa rohr said...

Parker was pointing to the picture and saying "owie". :)

melissa rohr said...

this is so stinkin adorable.

melissa rohr said...

haha when stella first saw it she was like "oh no! nana's head!" and was super concerned ;)