Friday, February 22, 2013

hugs, they're free.

working our way down the pinterest list - this is something i have wanted to do forever and i can't wait to keep it up! there can't possibly be anything better that getting a hug in the mail from one of your favorite people, so yesterday we sent out hugs to hopefully put some similes on our friends faces.

this is the easiest craft in existence and cost a total of two postage stamps. we pulled a long piece off our ikea roll of paper and i helped trace the girls in a "hug" position. once that was done it was all them, they did their hair and faces and chose what they were wearing when they gave the hug. zoë helped stella reconstruct her favorite pj's on her hug and stella added a scribble here and there so it was clear exactly who this one was from. they all wrote something about it being a "hug" in case anyone was confused by these colorful, long armed, characters showing up in their mailbox were.

of course these are the only two photos that i remembered to take but you get the idea! with some crazy folding skills i managed to get them into a legal size envelope and while it still wasn't very heavy i added two stamps to make sure it didn't come back to us.

stella's in on its way to georgia to her god parents and zoë and rowan each chose a grandparent this time. there are a million people they want to send these out to but this was a great start - i think i need to stock up at ikea on more rolls of paper!

who would you send a hug to? don't wait, they may just be in need of one!