Wednesday, February 6, 2013

kiddo art turned charm bracelet!

ok, this has to be hands down one of my more favorite projects i have done with the kids. shrinky dinks have all but become a lost form of creativity but we resurrected them the other night. for christmas, zoe got an awesome animal drawing book, illustration school: let's draw cute animals by sachiko umoto, after i saw it mentioned on kelle's instagram feed.

zoe is our budding artist and even rowan can drawn a mean blue giraffe so i was super excited when i stumbled upon this idea for shrinky dink art turned jewelry. i think the one i saw was a necklace but it had instantly dawned on me how cool this idea would look as a charm bracelet for zoë to show off a lot of her art - she even let me and her sisters be represented with a couple of our own pieces.

seriously check out some of her drawings! she only traced the goose and the fox, i wouldn't let her do anymore because i wanted it to be authentic, so she choose those because they were giving her trouble. i did the raccoon and the deer, rowan did a monkey/lion, and stella a little scribble square to finish it off.

our supplies:
frosted shrinky dink brand sheets $7 at hobby lobby (i have seen tons of options on amazon as well)
charm bracelet
pack of small charm rings
colored pencils or markers (do not use crayons!)
fine point sharpie
single hole punch

zoe got to work picking out and drawing animal that she wanted on her bracelet. she drew them about 1.5" to 2.5" inches big. this was our first batch and it was hard to say what size they would turn out but this ended up working perfect for "charms."

she worked in pencil first and then outlined the animal in black sharpie and erased the extra pencil, before coloring in with colored pencils. we never tried markers because we were super pleased with how vibrant the pencils were.

when she was done with all the ones she wanted, i carefully cut them out and punched a hole near the top so that each one would hang the right way - when this size hole shrinks, it is perfect for this project!

to finish it off i quickly sketched up some tiny hearts to hang in between each animal charm. i think we got a little excited making charms because this is one full bracelet!

i lined my backing sheet with a silpat and we put in the oven. it only take a couple of minutes and i'll never forget everyone, even the adults, squished around the oven watching it happen. when they curled up and we were sure they were goners and then they uncurled and were perfect little charms. an adult said, how do you think that happens and zoë replied, it's just magic.

hint: the instructions said to place colored side up but put them colored side down! on ones like the whale that were skinny and long and others we did later in bigger rectangle shapes would curl up on themselves and harden this way. placing them colored side down solved these problems and saved us from more tears over ruined pieces.
this was my first time ever playing with these! did you ever make anything with shrinky dink paper when you were little? what projects do you remember?