Thursday, February 28, 2013

month four

four months, that means we are only two away from six, which literally blows my mind. it is really the twenty-eighth, not the thirtieth, so i am a little confused on if robin actually turns four months old today or if it is the second or then will that just throw the whole calendar off? either way, here you go...

so much new this month! weight gain has slowed down a little bit but height is still rocketing off the charts - where is this tallness from? i was sure he would be at eighteen pounds by now based off the rate he has been going, but he is sitting cool at almost seventeen this month and twenty-seven inches long. again it was confirmed that our boy will mostly like stay blue and bright eyed, by now we would see flecks if there were going to turn brown but they just keep getting more blue!

we are in the stage of thinking about rolling over, robin puts his head way to the side and then just sort of scoots himself around in circles instead of flipping to the side, like i think is his actual goal. this new motion though makes it possible for him to shimmy around in his crib so that he can get to and suck on the foot of his sleep sheep. this is pretty funny to watch.

he is grabbing for his toys and pulling them into his mouth, it is hilarious watching him ponder the cause and effect of this new milestone he has reached. he is in a convertible carseat now and is so much happier, his poor little shoulders were so squished in his infant seat and that led to a lot of screaming in the car.

he is eyeing up food and even reaches for it from time to time but we are still putting it off for two more months or more. his doctor gave us the ok to start rice but 1. we are skipping rice all together and 2. i feel pretty strongly about waiting and that "food is for fun till after one."

we are on the brink of a tooth, i can see it, and all the extra fussiness these last couple of nights, i am hoping it is about to come through and give him some relief. this is early teething compared to stella but zoƫ and rowan both sprung some chompers right around now.

we're dealing with some sensitive skin issues that are no fun but don't seem to be bothering robin too much. night time sleep is great! i can lay him down somewhat awake and he puts himself to sleep. i have started letting him self sooth as long as he doesn't do more the fuss a little. any crying and i go in to rock him and sing to him a little more.

naps are still hit or miss, off schedule, and only last thirty to forty-five minutes . i am hoping we grow out of this soon, very soon. we packed the swing away this last week - robin was losing interest and he is so big that it didn't swing great anymore either. now he will happily spend a little more time scooting around on the floor or jumping in his jumparoo.

at the end of this month we are taking a long trip to minnesota so that all of tim's family can meet us finally! i am surprisingly not nervous at all about taking robin on the plane - it is his sisters i am worried about, eek.

even the extra fussiness because of teeth and the wonder weeks we experienced recently, robin is still so mellow and sweet. he laughs all the time both provoked and just because he feels like it (those are my favorite). when i start singing he instantly focuses in on my and smiles or giggles while i go on. twinkle twinkle is his favorite.

i can't believe my sweet as sugar boy is already four months old! but, oh what fun it has been to watch him turn into our little boy - i can't wait to experience the growth of his personality over the next year.

happy four months robin dash!


melissa rohr said...

What a big boy!!! Gosh, he is adorable!! Happy four months!!
p.s. I always did months based on the 8th of each month since thats the day he was born, not by weeks!!

melissa rohr said...

i do it by months too ;) he was born on the 30th though and since feb only went to the 28th i wasn't sure if that counts as a month lol ;)

melissa rohr said...

He's so cute!!!