Tuesday, February 19, 2013

week fifteen

no collage of photos this week, because when i sat down to edit them, i realized how reflective they are of this season we are deep in the trenches of. on monday last week was our first day of hour long inconsolable screaming. i hate to even type that out loud because robin is really the easiest going baby, who never cries, so it feels weird to even admit that he did, for an hour. nothing calmed him - me, tim, the bath, the cold air, being alone, a bottle, my breast, his sister, his toys, his swing, anything. i had just gotten a call back from his pediatrician who wanted him seen so i was in the car on my way and he fell asleep. so i turned around and as his eyes started to flicker open fed him a bottle of breast milk right there in our entry way, still in his car seat, eyes still filled with tears. then all was right in the world again.

then it happened again the next night, and the next, and the next. teeth? wonder week? ear infection? not an ear infection, i took him to rule anything like that out after a few nights of this.

after a while, he suddenly had a normal happy night and then the next morning was purposefully reaching out and grabbing/hitting his toys. we had obviously just experienced a mental leap and a big one at that. now more aware of his new senses and abilities he started to calm down a bit

teeth, there is currently a tooth making it's slow appearance on the bottom. the drool is indescribable and lets just say, thank god for sophie. then we noticed robin isn't happy unless i am holding him and he won't let anyone else get him to sleep. while i cherish that he longs for me this way, it is important that he is comfortable with tim rocking him to sleep or consoling him when he needs it.

we also went from a bedtime of eight to six since last monday, all at the request of robin. he still sleeps a long twelve hours of good sleep, so i really can't complain but he is growing for sure and i am sure it is a startling time for his little mind and body to understand. i am positive he is eating more these last couple of weeks too and my milk is having a hard time keeping up - i just got some brewers yeast and am hoping after our fenugreek debacle that this will do the trick.

it hasn't been the worst week on record, just a different one. robin is busy developing his personality and navigating life outside the womb and tim and i are just trying to keep up and learn along side him. i am praying for relief from the teething and extra patience for tim and i when we are at a loss on how to help our son when he seems out of sorts.

my house is a mess, total hoarder status, but helping robin get through this means tim mans the girls and dinner and getting sleep for work and i rock and sway robin around the entire house. i have come to terms with the fact that four kids means i'll never have a clean house again (i kid, sort of).

the bigs are at their dad's all week so there is a little more of me that i can give to him and since stella is the most understanding and loving big sister she will help me out all that she can.

so cheers to weeks of parenting that leave us exhausted but stronger on the other side!


melissa rohr said...

It was bound to happen sometime right?! Poor guy, I'm glad he's being a bit better now - must have just been some un-explainable growth spurt. He's still stinkin' cute as ever though!