Wednesday, February 27, 2013

what's in my diaper bag?

these days robin is a full grown baby. that means throwing our newborn preparedness list out the door and starting out fresh with a new list of needs, wants, and demands from our little guy. as he grows so does the list of "things" we need to get through the day - i wanted to share some insight on what is literally in our diaper bag from day to day. well, i will spare you listing how sometimes a dirty diaper sits in there for a day or two, yuck!

the bag: i can't rave about the sherpani bag enough! we bought it thinking that it was just another day pack but when i started searching for a photos i found out it is a diaper bag, which makes it even more genius! it is spacious but not bulky, offers many entry points for any thing you can think of, has lined wet/dry pockets, inner dividers, and pockets for bottles/cups. i can easily fit several cloth diaper + anything i need for the day, even if that means a change of clothes for each kid! it is a cross body design so it is very comfortable to wear and when it is done being a diaper bag, i am more then excited to use it as a day pack. and? it is made from all recycled materials! *upon my search it looks like it is impossible to find this bag anywhere. no fear though, there are tons of comparable sherpani bags that offer the same features and awesomeness.

bumgenius elemental cloth diapers: these days we are cloth diapering full time (go us!) and that means being stocked up anywhere we might need a new diaper at moments notice. i have talked about my love for these diapers before and that hasn't changed. i just can't get over how soft and absorbent they are. we have never had a blow out with these.

large changing pad: i love this for two reasons. 1. the tiny ones that come with bags are for the birds, what wiggly baby stays in such a small proximity during a diaper change on a gross restroom table? 2. it is thick and super wipeable so it is great for plopping down on the grass at the park for a picnic.

a wet bag: this is a must whether you cloth diaper or not. during potty training it is great for throwing soiled clothes in or i like to use it after swim lessons for keeping the rest of my diaper bag dry when a swim suit is not. they come in all sizes, down to small snack ones and all are very easily washed.

seventh generation wipes: all of my kiddos seem to suffer in the skin department one way or another. that means i have to be extra concious of what i am putting on it, even wipes. i love the seventh generation brand for everything, even cleaning products, so the wipes are no exception. they are great for butts and faces, what more can you ask for?
a change of clothes: this is a no brainer, but i thought i would mention that even as a growing boy - soft (preferably organic) clothing is my go to. i think this dude has yet to wear any jeans and i am totally ok with that. a little guy getting to know his body and comfort levels doesn't need to be stuffed into tight stiff jeans. i am a major sucker for a good sale on baby gap boy leggings and a soft onesie. it is totally worth it to pay a little more for quality fabric and durability.

lille quib baby bibs: a good bib, a extra, and another one just to be safe is a must. with two teeth taking up residents in rob's mouth, he is wet  all  the  time. these bibs are particularly awesome because they really give you four bibs: they are layered so when one side gets dirty you swap them out and when both of those sides gets dirty you flip the bib over and can use the terry cloth side the same way!

aden + anais blanket: we have at least two of these everywhere we go. right now when it is cold they aren't great as a blanket but boy do they do a great job a burp rag. i also love it for when we are at a playdate, it is such a great size for laying out and letting several babies lay on for comfort and to save the carpet. now, that robin has gotten older too we got him a dream blanket from aden + anais - it is a thicker more "carry around" version of the muslin swaddling blanket.

robeez: ok, i have to laugh at myself a little on this one. until recently i hated the idea of these shoes, i thought they were and looked silly, until i owned some. robin got a pair for christmas and from now until he walks i can't imagine using any other shoe! i went a little nuts buying him minnatonkas on ebay before he was born and he hates them. the process of putting a pair on might as well equate to me pulling his toes off. these are so easy to slip on, they stay on, and they keep his feet toasty. who would have thought?

haba magica rattle: or any fun, wooden, imagination sparking toy suits us great! robin has started reaching out for his toys - he loves seeing the cause and effect of this new skill. everything that he can grab goes straight into his mouth though so it is important that any toy is made with materials that i can trust.

leappad2: ok ok, this one isn't exactly for robin but with all of the appointments that come along with having a baby, or four kids for that matter, it is crucial that we don't leave home with out our leap pads. both girls have one and when i need them to settle down so i can talk to the doctor, the dentist, or whoever - these are perfect for pulling out and entertaining them.

our diaper bag isn't just for robin, i guess it is my purse too (lame!), but it also stores things my bigger girls need throughout the day. i always keep nuts or things like banana chips, applesauce squeezers, and a hidden stash of lollipops (for bribery), in the bag for emergency snacks.

whew, that was a long list but i couldn't imagine leaving the house without all of those things!

do you have any secret weapons to get you through an outing, in your diaper bag? what is your "can not live without" diaper bag item?

*i am a amazon affiliate and the links above are part of that account. all products posted are naturally part of our daily life.


melissa rohr said...

Love Robeez!!! That's all Bennett wore when he was a baby and learning to walk!!

melissa rohr said...

This is a great list! Sky doesn't have any sort of leap pad "type" product but I've been thinking about getting him one! For Sky, extra binkies were always a must....and snacks/milk but I'm sure it will be different with #2!