Friday, March 22, 2013

and then you were three,

happy birthday to my little firecracker who came fierce and star gazing, i knew stella was the perfect name for you all along. you keep us on our toes for sure but i wouldn't have you any other way. you are still a mini daddy and have lost a lot of your curl, i wonder if it will come back like mine did.

you'll start preschool in september and rowan is your best friend, even if you guys don't always agree and she is always playing with the toy you want, you love her so. your blankie and "nino" are still very important to you but the other day you daddy and i noticed that you forget them when you go to bed, more and more.

you informed me the other day that you are "jus stewa now" not mommys baby anymore. your favorite show is mickey mouse or sophia and you love bacon and veggies, especially a 'cado. you are the best big sister to robin and always want to know if his diaper is poo or just pee, you weirdo, and you are the passy police. we can always count on you to know exactly where one is at all times, i think you are reliving your passy days vicariously through your little brother.

you like to play in the sink or would be happy dumping lima beans or marbles from container to container all day long and you always like to have coins in your pockets. rainboots are your favorite shoe and jams are your clothing of choice if i let you.

you got ahold of a harmonica the other day and totally blew us away with how good you were at it! i am so happy that daddy's musical talents were passed down to you.


you are such a little mommy, whether it be to a meerkat or a doll, you are all about rocking and shushing and feeding and putting down for nap. you're a little trickster, sometimes a full on stinker, up to no good but you are always still sweet and silly while you do it.

you have no fear and i can't wait to see you on the skateboard grandpa got you for your birthday - it matches mine. you are all about bombing down the driveway on anything with wheels and you are never afraid of the tallest slides.

you love the water, you are seriously a fish, summer can't come soon enough! your hair is impossible to do anything with then put in a pony right now, i think it needs a cut, but i am dreading it.

we woke you up with presents in bed and mickey mouse pancakes to start our day. we have a little party planned with family and your best friends that you specifically requested. ellie of course and sky, the boy at the house with the trucks and beans.

this morning you woke up and i swore you looked different, older, wiser...

we love you to the stars and back stella jolie, happy birthday!


melissa rohr said...

Happy 3rd Birthday!!! <3

melissa rohr said...

happy birthday Stella!