Wednesday, March 27, 2013

dear stella, you didn't have a pinterest party this year.

stella turned three, she would have been happy if we had celebrated her birthday in hall closet as long as her friends were there and there was ice cream. birthdays are stressful for me, the cost and time usually send me spinning and then when it is all over, the first time i look at pinterest i suddenly am second guessing myself.

this year i looked at other options - i was seconds away from purchasing a package at a local kids boutique that hosts super fun birthdays, any theme you choose, in a room in the back of the shop. best part? they clean up the mess! to justify the price i started adding up what i spent on stella's mermaid party, with the two cakes and custom invites, and realized i would actually save money this year.

then one day after a trip to the children's museum, one of the girls had gotten ahold of a parentmap magazine from our area, and i heard something about yo gabba gabba. i grabbed my phone and googled up some information about this years live show. it was in march and would actually work out to be cheaper then the party package, even after i pieced together the perfect outfits for the girls to wear (cause that part is super important). so it was set, we would have a late lunch with tim's family and then head to the show in seattle. is it sad that i was more excited then the kids?

i'd be lying if i said the day was magical and perfect - lunch at the spaghetti factory was terrible and rowan threw a tantrum in the bathroom because despite the one thousand times i tried to explain what we were seeing, she thought we were just going to see a "dumb" movie.

stella got a stuffed boo the dog, a tiny baby ring, baths crayons and a beautiful tea collection dress from her grammy, auntie, and uncle. after lunch, with the obligatory spaghetti factory ice cream we all sung stella happy birthday - rowan caught her signing along and shouted, "no silly, you just sit there and smile like this (insert cheesy grin)!" after, we rushed off the show, but not without a bloody knee on the way there and a breakdown in the lobby, again, over seeing a "dumb" movie. we got suckered into twenty dollars worth of flashing light things and then we got settled in.

i had picked the girls up tee shirts from the new volcom yo gabba gabba line. super cute stuff for kids and adults, even hoodies that "transform" you into a character i also ordered the girls cute bows on etsy with their favorite character on them, i am seriously in love with the one rowan picked and how cute is her hair bow we did?

it goes without saying that the girls minds literally exploded when they realized exactly what it was that we were seeing! i may or may not have started crying right there over how happy i was to see them that excited. the show was just the right length and rowan cried at the end when toody was crying over the show being over. i'd call that a success!

i don' really mind yo gabba gabba, their songs are catchy and their messages are pretty spot on with things kids should be picking up. have you been to a live show? those guys can seriously dance! it totally blew my mind how good they were. i think we all had a great time!

on her actual birthday we threw together a little family party and she specifically requested a couple of friends, describing them by the toys they have at their house, because she isn't sure of everyones name yet. she asked for pizza for dinner and rootbeer floats then later informed me that cake was most important to her so we went to safeway and i let her pick a miniature personal cake, she chose buzz lightyear. it was the exact party stella wanted, i let her have total control.

so stella didn't have a pinterest party this year but we made memories instead...


Dana @ Lil Family Blog said...

For the past two years we've opted to do a weekend vacation .rather than birthday parties. You're right, the costs always spiral out of control, then it's over so quickly