Thursday, March 7, 2013

little hands

after a long week of fussiness that involved a major mental leap, or wonder week, robin was suddenly reaching out and grabbing his toys. i put this milestone right up there with a good belly laugh and rolling over because it means so many more thing come easier for robin now - if he sees a toy he wants he now eagerly shovels it quickly into his mouth.

i rigged up his floor gym for some different options to grab for - after a babysitting swap i did with a good friend, she mentioned how much he liked that ball with the holes and rattle, so of course i stopped at target to grab one. i have been on the hunt for toys that do two things: 1. ease teething pain and 2. can easily be maneuvered into his mouth by him. any suggestions?

while he was busy playing and grabbing and giggling, i snapped these photos of him that i am so in love with. hands down the first one is my new favorite:


melissa rohr said...

we love that ball!! if only i could find it!