Monday, March 18, 2013

stella, year one.

i got a little bit of a reality check from my littlest lady the other day. i innocently responded to her call with a, "yes, baby?" where i was promptly shut down when she informed me, "mommy, i jus stewa now. robin is your baby."

i can't believe this tiny girl will be three on friday! she has always been so photogenic and some of my most favorite photos of her are so hidden back in past posts that with her birthday coming up, i wanted to pull some out, dust them off and share them with you.

this is stella, year one...


melissa rohr said...

Awe, what beautiful photos!!! A happy 3rd birthday to your Stella! <3 Our little Bea turned 3 last Jan. and will be a big sister in July so she too likes to remind me that she is not the baby but the big sister, kinda breaks my heart but also showers me in pride. xoxo