Tuesday, March 19, 2013

the proof is in the wheat

three year olds, man...

a couple of weeks ago stella realized that her birthday was immanent and went ahead and pushed up the arrival of the three-nager stage. i don't mention "teenager" because she suddenly is independent and strong and lovely and sparkles, i say it because she has been a real asshole lately.

today she gave the stairs a drink of shampoo and wadded up one thousand large and small balls of toilet water paper and threw seventeen temper tantrums about things that were either a. totally out of my control or b. because her sister was sitting quietly playing with a toy she suddenly decided she wanted.

zoe was such an easy kid, is an easy kid. rowan has always been pretty well behaved if you can put aside that her head is always in the clouds and she hysterically cries when toodie from yo gabba gabba leaves the stage of the live show. but stella...

i knew i was in for it the first time i looked over and she was standing on the dining room table and then that was reinforced when she got up in the wee hours of the morning to scale the bathroom counter and take a toothbrush assisted bath still in her pajamas. being stella's mom is really hard sometimes.

she is so sweet and silly and caring and nurturing and adventurous and all this awesome stuff. but equal to all those things? she is naughty and mischievous and too brave and and and.

life has become a game of trying new approaches to parenting stella, making sure her needs are met, that we aren't missing the reasons behind her behavior.

then i had a major light bulb moment today.

starting at the beginning of february, our family started a pale/whole 30 diet. i'd say we were on board about ninety percent. meaning, i didn't make a fuss over the snacks that rowan was consuming at school and i let them have humus and stuff like that. i noticed a change in rowan's behavior almost immediately and felt justified in our decision to make this lifestyle change. then, a week into march we started to fall off the wagon. we got really busy and to be honest eating super healthy is expensive to keep up and we got lazy. i should have known better when i was making stella her first almond butter + jelly sandwich and she asked, "we get bread?"

they slowly were getting more and more bread, cracker, pasta, etc. i knew i was staring to not feel as great but the kids seemed ok so we just kept saying, "we'll start paleo back up next week..."

then today, after i had just pried all of the pieces of pretty pretty princess out of stella's hands while she threw a tantrum and acted like a seventy five pound noodle (what is it about kids being able to make themselves so heavy when they don't want todo something?) because she refused to play nicely, i had to go take a second to catch my breath and regroup in the kitchen. i started thinking - this bad behavior spike lined up perfectly with her gluten intake being on the rise. here i was, so concerned about how this would help rowan's behavior and my weight loss and our families over all health, i didn't even realize the effects it was having on stella.

of course when i brought it up to tim, he immediately agreed and before i got off the phone with him we vowed that even if we weren't able to stick to this plan the kids needed to no matter what.

i love this interview with dr. davis, the writer of wheat belly - here it is, irrefutable proof that wheat is physically bad for us is so so many ways.

"Brain and nervous system effects range from mood disruption, such as depression, to behavioral outbursts in children with ADHD and autism, to triggering of hallucinations in people with schizophrenia and mania in people with bipolar illness."

it seems that so many things can be traced back to our diets, unfortunately even eating whole foods can't solve all issues, since you could easily be allergic to garlic or greens and so on so i encourage you to get an allergy work up if you really want to know!

i am glad we were able to sort this out and get back on track with a healthier and gluten free lifestyle. i would love to hear about your experiences that are similar!

wish me luck, these next couple of years could get interesting...


melissa rohr said...

I can already tell Parker has this kind of personality...and I don't have wheat to blame as she is still nursing and solid foods consist of pretty much fruits and veggies. :/ definitely gone check out this link though!