Thursday, March 28, 2013

tutorial: add a "pin it" hoover button to your photos

i recently found a super simple tutorial on adding a "pin it" button to your photos. even better? there was a link to some really fun pin buttons that you can customize with.

i went back and forth on if this was a good idea, making my photos so accessible for sharing. but, i blog for you (and for my kids too) and i have learned to be careful with what images i share. since there are so many ways to borrow, steal, or use anyone's content these days i might as well have it set up so linking back to me is foolproof.

check out bloggersentral to see how to do it and even gets tips on how to leave it off certain photos or whole posts. 

are we friends on pinterest? you can follow me here and leave your url in the comments and i will check out your boards too.

i would love to hear if you use this tutorial and what you thought!


melissa rohr said...

Thank you for this...I was JUST going to search for this a couple days ago :)

melissa rohr said...

i need to bookmark this!