Thursday, April 11, 2013

apple trackpad vs. mouse

this is a weird review and totally out of place - but when we bought our first mac a year ago i was totally stumped when i was put on the spot, "trackpad or mouse?" we went back and forth and even changed our minds last minute before leaving the store but in the end we went with the track pad and haven't looked back. i don't have a ton of experience using a magic mouse but i can offer to you what i love about our magic trackpad.

wrist strain in non-existent

you can swipe back and forth through web pages and windows

mimics iphone user features like pinch, zoom, rotate and more

with the current os, track pad is much more fitting with available gesture commands

pinpoint accuracy

large swipe area

etc etc etc

a lot of reviews i read said that while the track pad trumps all, the mouse is good to have on standby. a lot of people preferred it for photo and movie editing and while probably not as extensively as these people, i have done both and haven't felt handicapped capability wise, while editing.

which one do you use for you imac?