Wednesday, April 17, 2013

fifty-two lists, week fifteen

i chose just this one to share. not because i don't pin, clip, hoard, and save tons of wordy inspirations, because i do. i am sharing just this because it is my favorite by far...

i learned this quote in church one day and it has resonated through my heart and head daily since. 

the internet is the thief of my joy constantly - when my wedding was said and done, pinterest had seventy seven different pins leaving me wishing i had done everything differently. when i notice a blog, who started when i started, lacks good content, but has readership through the roof, i wander stumble through my head wondering what i am lacking, what i am doing wrong, how my social media icons could be better. my sons room, that wasn't cheap to decorate, is now in renovation because i saw something i like better. the internet reminds me what i'm not, what i can't afford, what my house doesn't look like, what my kids don't dress like, about everything that could be different. i'll admit, sometimes, it blinds me from what i do have, which is...a lot. 

so, i take a deep breath and i look at my life. it isn't always perfect and it sure isn't always easy but it's the life we've made and i appreciate every breath and moment. money and style don't make a house a home, the people and memories and relationships and love do - so i hold on to that. because i have it all, i have more then it all.

what is your favorite quote?

fifty-two lists is a awesome link up created by moorea of you should join in or at the very least check out her lists and everyone who has linked up.


melissa rohr said...

That's a great one!

My favorite quote isn't so deep, but it makes me chuckle. It's a Charles Bukowski quote -- "some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead."

PS - I donated to your March of Dimes! Sorry for the delay!

melissa rohr said...

I LOVE this. and don't worry too much because I look at your blog and go "oh wow I am not as cool as I thought I was. Melissa is freaking awesome" so while you may want after other stuff you see online, just know some of us look up to and want to be like you ;)