Wednesday, April 24, 2013

fifty-two lists, week sixteen

sadly i have to admit that i barely read anymore. i mean sure i read blogs, and articles about kim kardashian's butt, the newspaper, and sometimes closed captions when robin is sleeping next to me but it has been a long time since i really got lost in a good book. i know, sad right?

i felt kind of silly writing out titles like the hunger games or even twilight but the truth is, personally i found those series enthralling. to get so wrapped up in a book, to start to picture yourself a part of it, living it while you read is such an amazing feeling. these books did that for me - tim might even argue that during my twilight obsession i even mildly believed i was a vampire...

if you ask me what my all time favorite book is, that's easy, it's perks of being a wallflower. i feel like i loved this book long before people began to pick up on its existence. the book that brought me my best friend when it was randomly discovered in his room once when we were still awkwardly hanging out. how did he know about this book?

i have gotten sucked into terrible books like go ask alice or helter skelter, not horribly written, but books that make you feel bad and at the same time invigorated with knowledge of things you never explored before. once i read a book about a stipper in minnesota, i probably wouldn't have read on past the first few pages had they not immediately brought up a tater tot hot dish and it amuses me that people are always poking fun at minnesotans and their casseroles.

i order a lot of books on amazon about parenting but can't ever get past the first few chapters, maybe i'm that good, that i just know all of that stuff already (but probably not). i also have a major obsession with children's books. i am guilty of judging a book by its cover when it comes to these, there is just something about whimsical characters and gorgeous illustrations that gets me every time. goodwill can just go ahead and take all my monies for their wonderful vintage and popular title selection. sometimes you can even find my face buried in a good tori spelling memoir, i mean who doesnt want to hear about her sventeen bottles of shampoo all have to face the same direction in the shower?

i want to read kelle hamptons book, and the blogess's, and someday i hope mandy writes one because she writes like i hear myself in my head and i am sure i would ugly cry all the way to the last page. i want to read one of bethany's books and i am suppose to be reading dave ramsey's book... I have the no-cry sleep solution, the portable pediatrician, and the wonder weeks books all in my amazon cart.

so, i leave you with my list - nothing super fancy but hopefully at least one book you haven't read before but now are thinking about. my reading may be limited to books i can finish in one breath at bedtime but i try to live vicariously through my avid reader friends. what is your favorite book? or one you are currently reading?

fifty-two lists is a awesome link up created by moorea of you should join in or at the very least check out her lists and everyone who has linked up.


melissa rohr said...

I'm currently reading Kelle's book. I'd love to loan it to you when I'm done. It's definitely one of those pay it forward books & I know you'd send it back when you were done. I think it would be a fun thing to keep track of how many Mamas I loan it out to by having you leave a note or name/blog link in the book when you're done & before you send it back. :) Let me know.

melissa rohr said...

This post gave me chills a little, only because I heard myself speaking the same words aloud. I was always a reader. I had a book published at 17 -- a world that seems SO LONG AGO now when I realize the bulk of my book collection sits in boxes, pushed aside to make room for toys and crayons and a life that seems a lot more realistic at this point. My Amazon cart is filled with books, too, and so is my nightstand -- books my best friend sent me, books that I swore I'd make time to read -- and I haven't. But you've inspired me. Tonight, I will! Tonight I'll unplug, just say no to trashy reality television and snuggle in bed with one of the many books in my pile. So overdue.

My all-time favorite is "The Outsiders" by SE Hinton. I read it for the first time in the 3rd grade. My teacher really liked me -- she was a literary buff and swore from the first week of 3rd grade that she just knew I was, too -- and loaned me her personal copy. She told me that SE Hinton was a woman who abbreviated her name because men wouldn't accept her as the writer of such a book, and she was so young when she wrote it, and she said that my very essence reminded her of SE Hinton and I would write books like that at a young age. I was captivated by the first few chapters and, like gospel, I would read that darn book ALL. THE. TIME. I used to read it once every couple of months in college just to refresh my brain and remind me who I was. I always felt like Cherry Valance when I was in late middle/early high school.

Sorry for the novel! Chuck Klosterman is fantastic. I like your list. :)

melissa rohr said...

i love that idea! i will email you my addy in a bit! you're too sweet!

melissa rohr said...

no i loved hearing your story! wait, a book published at 17?? what was it? that is so awesome! now i totally want to check out the outsiders! my nine year old is a TOTAL bookworm, just like i was at her age so i love to hunt down my favs for her - like goosebumps, the fudge books, box car children etc

melissa rohr said...

When I ditched my FB as my New Year's resolution, I also pledged to read a book a week. Well, I'm a ways a way from that, but I HAVE read 10 books so far this year which is about 8 more than last year and it feels GREAT! Have you ever regretted an internet session? I know I have... but I've NEVER regretted sitting down and reading a book. Ever.

My most entertaining read this year was Water for Elephants. Freedom was my "makes you go hmmm" book.

melissa rohr said...

ah that is awesome! i so wish i had the will power to quit fb! i have been wanting a kindle or nook for awhile now, i think i would read so many more books that way. maybe ill treat myself to one soon!

melissa rohr said...

I just read One Thousand White Women by Jim Fergus. SO GOOD! Read it!