Monday, April 8, 2013

month five

month five has been a lot like month four, but with a million new fun things going on! since i am a few days late with this post and we are already well into april, my brain is exploding a little bit, thinking about the fact that robin turns s i x months old at the end of this month. i can't even believe it!

we just got back from a week long trip in minnesota to see where tim grew up, meet a lot of his family, and get in some much needed time with papa and nonnie. robin LOVED minnesota - he was so happy there, all smiles and giggles and was barely set down because papa wanted to hold him all the time. 

while we were there robin mastered rolling over! this made me giggle a little because it reminded me of how zoƫ mastered sitting up on a family trip like this too. he can do both ways but is better at back to stomach because he forgets to put his arm up when going from stomach to back and only gets it when he randomly throws different limbs to the side.

he sees a toy he wants and he grabs it and is even starting to have favorites like his wubbanub monkey paci, which he doesn't even suck on the paci part. we are also full onto into some pretty impressive gym-nurstics and he has figured out he can reach my mouth now when he is eating, also a trade-mark move of a sister. he laughs all the time, totally unprovoked and loves other babies, like really loves to talk to them.

this week we started letting him suck on a pickle here and a hard biscuit there, not actually letting him ingest anything, but explore some tastes to get him ready for baby led weaning/solids next month. he is more then ready for solids as he can grab pieces and pull them to his mouth and is always very interested in our food, mimicking our chewing and diving for food in our hands.

if he is on his back, his toes are ALWAYS in his hands. i am sure a tooth is near, i think i can see it and the drool has tripled lately, making for many many shirt changes a day. bib suggestions?

we are waking up a couple of nights a week to eat really quick and then he goes right back down - i feel pretty fortunate because i have heard some horror stories about the four month wake-ful period and we don't seem to have it too bad. i think we have his skin issues mostly under control - he didn't love the cold minnesota weather, but overall his skin is soft and rash free.

i can't believe this boy is almost a half of a year old! in so many ways i am excited for the future, to see him turn into a little boy, to discover his personality but knowing he will be my last baby and feeling time move so fast, i want to cherish every last second of him as a baby.

happy five months rob!


melissa rohr said...

Happy 5 months little man!!! Gosh time goes so fast!