Friday, April 19, 2013

robin's montessori room in progress

this post has adhd written all over it, but it was always my goal to give robin a room that he would pick out for himself. in the beginning i tried to avoid "baby-ing"it and made it into a room he could grow into. well, i have spent the last, almost six months now, getting to know this little dude and my perspective on the room he needs versus the one that looks good has changed.

i have always been interested in the concept of the floor bed, i had extensively researched it with stella but was never really able to make the plunge because of our living and sleeping arrangements when she was a baby. i can also admit that it has taken me awhile to get to a place where i feel really good just shedding all of the extra crap in our house, stuff that weighs down on my mind. 

i am not sold on the big picture of montessori - i am all for practical play for fun not for necessity, so we mix in a little of attachment parenting here, waldorf there, etc etc. all these parenting and learning environments have a little something awesome to offer so we'll just pick and choose as we go and hope we get something right along the way. robin is such a happy baby who is content self entertaining for long stretches of time. he puts himself to sleep and will usually sing to himself in the morning until someone goes in and gets him up for the day. he is purposeful with his hands and prefers certain toys, blankets, books, etc and can roll as a mode of getting from one place to another. all of this led me to the thinking that a montessori set up room would be the perfect environment for him.

now, i don't claim to be any sort of expert on this style so i am just taking away from it my interpretation and along with the advice of good friends, created our version of a montessori room: we took out his crib leaving just the mattress on the floor, left out a few simple and safe toys, and hung a mirror. i ordered a couple of montessori suggested mobiles and am on the hunt for a soft rug to put under his bed for comfort when he rolls off (which he has yet to do). we chose to hesitantly place the mirror/play area in conjunction with his sleep area but so far it has worked out. i was worried it would distract him from sleep but it has done the opposite. i'll admit that naps were rough at first while he got to know his new sleeping arrangements but he now happily puts himself to sleep again.

now, this is his room in progress - the very beginning stages of a transformation we have in mind. i literally pulled out every last thing i had just ordered and decorated with, sold it off, and am starting off fresh. tim is building robin a version of this amazing bed we saw on ici ou la blog by bonnesoeurs. we are going with a full bed for something he can not only grow into but as he starts to roll more and crawl, he has a larger surface before he finds the floor. this weekend i am going to start the grueling process of pulling trim, priming the dark dark blue walls for white paint, painting, priming + painting the trim white (it is tbd if we will just replace it), and putting the room back together. every dollar that i made selling his furniture and decor is going back into the room, which will be easily done because i am keeping things so minimal. i am also adding a chalkboard wall to the two short walls around his closet - something i wanted to do originally but hesitated on and instantly regretted. stay tuned for a fun little twist to this idea! when he gets a little older i want to hunt down a fun mid century dresser to paint but i want wait till he is walking and can manage around its corners easier.

i will keep you updated as the reno moves along and will be posting a how-to on the bed we are creating, because i was so bummed there wasn't one when i found the idea! i am struggling to not stress out about being able to find the rug and baskets and shelving i picture for a reasonable price or even at all, so let's hope i make it out on the other side with all my hair in tack!

do you use a floor bed? i would love to hear about it and how it is going for you! has been a great resource to all of the questions that came up while i was putting my ideas to action.


melissa rohr said...

Right there with you on mixing the concepts (Montessori, Waldorf, & attachment parenting! Its all about what works right for you and yours! We were thinking about the floor bed idea for our now 3 year old, mostly for the necessity that we will need her convertible crib for her brother due in July! Our girl also has a teeny tiny room so it would help open it up to her little bird level more too. Love the idea of the chalk board wall, cant wait to see it!

melissa rohr said...

how awesome! I wish we lived somewhere where I didn't have to constantly worry about mold to be able to do this!

melissa rohr said...

Totally agree about mixing Waldorf/Montessori/whatever else to extract the things that work for your family. I tried putting my son's mattress on the floor and having him nap there (we have a family bed), and it did work until my daughter came along. He slept fine and didn't wake up to play the way I thought he might — his toys were two feet away. I wish he put himself to sleep though!

melissa rohr said...

that would be so hard! maybe a mattress on a platform? i have seen a lot of those