Friday, April 26, 2013

things my kids say v.1

i know i have recordered several times when my kids have said weird things but i am going to officially start paying better attention and letting you in on it too, because my kids say weird the time rowan told stella that your intelligence was measured by whether or not you knew how to make a rain boot. with a plastic bag and painted rubber, of course.

the other day rowan hitched a ride home from a sleep over, with my uncle (who happens to be named tim also) who was heading home through that way. this is a conversation that took place:

rowan: uncle tim i want to have kids in a while when i am 8 or 9.
tim: are you going to get married?
rowan: some people dont get married.
tim: how many are you going to have? 13 ?
rowan: no uncle tim thats silly, i am going to have 6.
tim: thats an aweful lot to carry.
rowan: oh! i guess i could get married then, so my husband can carry 3 and
i could carry 3.

i am glad she has it all figured out at such an early age. insert side eye emoji.

rowan: mommy, how does someone become queen?
me: blank stare
rowan: because i would really like to become queen.
me: oh yea?
rowan: well, because when i am queen, instead of rollerskating lessons tomorrow they would be sccotering lessons. scooters off done the street.


melissa rohr said...

Yes, write this down! There may be a book deal in your future! Lol

melissa rohr said...

lol.. mine is just starting to talk.. but today he touched my boob and informed me it was my chest. and when I pointed out his chest to him he said no and poked mine again..