Wednesday, April 24, 2013

things we love: + the portachair harness

when we switched robin to a convertible car seat at just two months i was super apprehensive about what that meant for us when we wanted to eat out, shop at target, visit a friends house for dinner that wasn't equipped with baby gear, etc etc. i'll be honest, it was super rough right at first - arguing about who was going to bounce him on their knee while they ate or cuddle him through a nap in the middle of lunch.

i was so excited when approached me about reviewing the portachair harness, one of my favorite items in the zero-three gift idea category, i was over the moon - how did they know that this was the exact perfect thing that i needed in my life right now! this thing can go anywhere! yep, i even used it at home depot the other day so that robin could take advantage of the seat while his sisters drove me nuts pulling everything off the shelves. whether we're at home and need an extra seat for a guest or out to eat as a family, i don't worry anymore about where robin will sit. one of my favorite things about it, is how it rolls up nicely and can be slipped right into my diaper bag as we are running out the door. also, with robin rounding the corner to being six months old, he is working hard on learning to sit up. i don't love the bumbo and honestly robin just flails and slides out of it. so, when robin needs a change of scenery during the day, sometimes i will just slip him in here and he loves just being able to sit up and look around comfortably.
"A portable baby seat for your little bundle, this ingenious harness invented by new mom Carren Rieger securely straps to adult chairs to instantly accommodate children five months old through their toddler years. Designed with a five-point safety harness and fully adjustable straps, this streamlined device makes feeding on-the-go safe and simple. Great for travel, restaurant dining, or just visiting grandparents and friends, Porta Chair is the perfect travel accessory for new parents.

The Porta Chair is machine washable, lightweight and AZO dye, phthalate and formaldehyde-free. A former strategy consultant, Rieger designed the Porta Chair Harness after moving to Australia in 2006. Challenged by the demands of traveling with young children, Rieger dreamed up this portable solution to the traditional highchair, crediting her "on-the-go babies" for its creation. Supports up to 35 lbs. Made in China."

uncommon good is easily becoming one of my favorite places to shop for fun gifts for people, especially the kids! with some big holidays (psst, moms and dads!) coming up in the next month or two, there are some really awesome ideas to choose from - check out these handy mother's and father's day collections they have put together for you.

have you ever been in a similar situation? what did you do with your little one before they were big enough to sit in a restaurant provided high chair? or sit in a cart?


melissa rohr said...

This is really cool. I just can't shell out the bucks for it right now though :-/

melissa rohr said...

kiara, when robin is fully sitting up and we don't need it, it's yours!