Thursday, May 2, 2013

i am officially begging!

you guys! i am seriously blown away with how generous everyone has been up to this point - i am so close to my march of dimes fundraising goal! but, i'm not there yet! with sixteen days left until the bloggers for babies team walks, i still have $198 to go and my team $1,460. on facebook and twitter i have been challenging everyone to give up their starbucks for one day and donate - you can spare just $5 today can't you?

don't forget about the amazing giveaway i have going on to say thank you for helping out my team! for every $5 you donate you are entered to win one of three awesome and thoughtfully put together prize packs, check out all the awesomeness below:


melissa rohr said...

I donated, I donated! I hope you reach your goal! Haha, at least you don't make it seem like begging! I've been begging my poor Facebook friends and family to donate to my Blogathon for moooooonths and it's not until August! Whoops! I get so wrapped up into this fundraising thing! How cute is this diaper clutch? Love it. Love love love.