Friday, May 3, 2013

month six

half of a year old, when did we get here? six months is easily one of my favorite ages - they are still your tiny baby but they are playing and laughing and responding to life around them.

again, this month has been a lot like last month but totally different at the same time. we're a little closer to sitting up but robin doesn't really seem to care for it too much, he would rather be standing or jumping on your lap. this kid never  stops  moving. he is still rolling a ton, but just from back to stomach which is so strange since at the very beginning he started with stomach to back. i guess he forgot...

we are officially doing solids! i think by now he has tried a little bit of it all with no major aversions to anything. he loves those mums and happy tots puffs and is getting pretty good at transferring them from his chubby hands into his mouth. our next goal is the cup!

we are still waking up once a night but are working on breaking that habit as we speak. i figured out it isn't because he is hungry so we are trying other tactics to sooth him back to sleep then just going straight to nursing, so far so good. robin has really been noticing the cat lately, he immediately sees him when he comes into the room and if he walks by (which he likes to taunt robin) then robin reaches out and tries to grab him. tim thinks it is hilarious to hold the cat down while robin goes to town patting him on the head, rubbing his face and drool all over his back, and pulling the occasional whisker. this month, rowan is robin's favorite. she can make him laugh with silly faces and is getting really good at giving him a bottle. i love that i can trust her to send her in to entertain him in the mornings or look after him while i shower.

he hates being in the car or being worn if we are somewhere like the park. he got his first pair of sunglasses but takes them off immediately - at least he'll wear a hat! growing teeth has been a pain in our butt, they are so close, they have to be! then just when i think for sure he'll wake up with one...nothing! he is only semi attached to his paci and demands it to fall asleep but could care less the rest of the day.

we are full on into twelve month clothing - my six month old is the size of a one year old! bigger then some even! at his check-up this week his doctor said based on his growth that robin will be about 6'2" which is way taller then tim or i! tallness runs in my family, it just skipped me. still blonde hair and still blue eyes and lately everywhere we go someone stops us to mention how much robin looks JUST like tim. what do you think?

i love love love this age! robin is so fun and i can even see tim getting into more of a groove with him now that he reacts to things more and more of his personality is starting to show. i can't wait to see what the next six month brings!


melissa rohr said...

Love, love, love these photos! He's just the cutest!

melissa rohr said...

awe thanks!! i think he is pretty cute :) you're so so close to have your little too! eek!

melissa rohr said...

thanks! xoxo