Wednesday, May 1, 2013

things we love: kiwi crate!

there is nothing like having a secret weapon stashed for when the day isn't going as planned. well that was us last week, a really hard parenting week for me and one of sassiness and boredom for the girls. that was when i remembered the kiwi crate that had been generously sent by the company for the girls to try out. i knew from the second we opened it and they marveled at their own personal kid scissors that this was going to be a fun activity! i think it is safe to say that we are kiwi craters for life...

the crate that they received was all about the famers market - we got to decorate aprons and sew our own stuffed fruits and vegetables. we got two sets of everything, a add on you can chose for siblings when you order your crate, so there was no fighting or arguing over supplies, just tons of opportunity for fun! their aprons had pockets for holding some paper money that was sent along, stella's current obsession and rowan kept busy listing off all the things we could use the left over supplies for, smart girl! the crate kept them busy for a better part of the afternoon and they had so much fun that i heard very little complaining when it was time to head to nap.

while the kids were immersed in the activities i took advantage of tons of teaching moments that came along with our crate. we counted, identified colors, talked about their fruit and veggies and worked on spelling their names. we practiced our cutting, tracing + freehand art, worked on dexterity through the sewing, and mama worked on her patience because while the steps were so easy that stella breezed through them i still had to remind myself to let her learn on her own and she did totally great.

i also love how each activity shares the back story of who designed it on the instruction cards, thought up by parents themselves who know how to think like a kid and therefor pick out great activities that aren't only fun but a good learning opportunity. it also doesn't just stop at the activities included in the box, they give you tips and tricks to keep going, like turning your crate into a shopping basket for your vegetables when shopping at your pretend farmers market.

needless to say we loved playing with our kiwi crate! on the website you can chose to buy single crates of the theme you want or sign up for a subscription or even gift one too. you can also stock up on great quality arts and crafts supplies or get some fun diy ideas for at home with your little ones based on their ages or interests. this little green box come directly to you, free shipping, for just under twenty dollars a month! the fun and learning inside is almost invaluable so i would say that is a really great deal. you can even sign up for a year long subscription and get one of the months free!

explore kiwi crate's blog for up to date information and ideas. keep in touch via facebook or twitter to share what you are doing with your crate and be part of a great community of families.

do you get a monthly kiwi crate? i can't wait to get our next one - the kids will flip!

use the code LOVEMOM from now until may 12th for 25% off your first box and $5 to spend in the shop! enjoy!


melissa rohr said...

Hi there! I wanted to make sure that you got my email informing you that you won the TrulySanctuary contest on my blog! Congratulations!! >>

melissa rohr said...

I've been dyyyyyyyiiiinnnggg to try Kiwi Crate! This makes me want to even more. So awesome!

melissa rohr said...

i did! thank you so much!

melissa rohr said...

do it! it is more the worth the $20 a month, the crafts are over the top and amazing, the kids were busy for hours!