Tuesday, May 21, 2013

to everyone

i can't even begin to express my gratitude for the support that my family has received these last couple of weeks and continues to receive. all of the prayers and thoughts and help and flowers and cards, each one has played a different role in healing rowan, in uplifting our family, and reminding us how not alone in this we are.

i apologize that i don't respond to every instagram, facebook, and twitter comment - daily my head spins circles around rowan and her schedules and meds and doctors and progress. just know that i read every one and literally feel all of the love wrap around my daughter and i.

tomorrow will be day three at the children's hospital rehab unit. it has been an adjustment changing from hospital to hospital but i am blown away by her therapy team and how they come in knowing just how to talk to rowan and help her so that she is happy, feels comfortable, and continues to have progress - it is such a blessing that we live so close to a facility like this and can use it.

my sister set up a facebook page that she tries to update daily, after sending me fifty texts asking for one, haha. but, i do most of my updating on instagram lately with fun photos to document rowan's daily going ons so she has something to look back on, because our guess is she won't remember a lot of this, which is good news.

rowan is otherwise totally healthy, we have just begun the long road of healing her brain injury and guiding her through gaining back what was forgotten motor skill wise. it is so promising to see that despite her inability to do a lot, she still does a lot - we were playing ipad games today and she could do everything it asked perfectly. "touch the fruit that starts with o" no problem! "touch the triangle" she got it!

continued prayers for my little blonde and our family are always appreciated. each night rowan and i specifically pray for her talking to come back and we pray for her team to have patience and guidance for getting rowan thought this bump in the road. thank you again for everything you all have done!


melissa rohr said...

We're still praying :) Dylan and I hope to come visit this weekend.

melissa rohr said...

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