Wednesday, June 26, 2013

month seven

it makes me sad to think about how much of month six i missed - two new teeth, rolling over and over and over, and sitting up. time is fleeting with these little people but luckily i still have a lifetime with him. so, rolling over? check. this little man is on  the  move. he gets where he wants and fast, not without occasionally getting stuck under a toy or couch or what have you, but hide all the breakables cause he will find them. two new teeth popped through this month, after weeks and weeks of drool and pain they are here and they are the cutest little bunny teeth i ever did see.
we started sitting up totally unassisted this month too, which has meant more time at the table with solids! i swore up and down i would make his food, like with stella, but with life lately, happy tots pouches have just been too dang convenient. luckily he can suck those down no problem, i don't even need a spoon. other then that he loves to snack on puffs and yogurt bites and avocado etc etc. it is so funny with the sitting up, and being seven months, and the rolling and how different these things are happening  compared to the girls. robin will be eight months old in a couple of days and at eight months all the girls were pulling up and standing at this point and right now robin shows little to no interest in even crawling.

the other day he waved "hi" to tim and i got all hear eyes and swoony. we stopped breastfeeding completely, a lot earlier then i wanted but again, life. robin handled all of his sleep-overs with family this last month like a champ. everyone just can't get over what a easy and happy baby he is! with eight months here, his birthday will be just around the corner, so believe it or not i have started the process of planning out his party, helps take the stress off me if i spread it out. this month also marked our first ear infection and we found out that he weighs just shy of twenty-two pounds (side-eye), he is a well built little mister. i wouldn't change those squishy-rolly baby thighs for anything. ah, and those cheeks?

when we first got home from the hospital he started waking up again a TON and i was not having it, so when he was over his cold he went back to sleeping in his room and after just one wake-up of me not going in with a bottle, and letting his snort around, he fell back asleep and has slept great since. the floor bed is going amazing by the way - he rarely gets out of it right now and even if he does, oh well, that is the point. i can't wait to reveal his room sometime in july! we have worked so hard to make it a fun place for him to grow into over the next few years.

since i am so behind on this, the month eight post will follow shortly and i can't believe he is already that old. time is nuts, seriously nuts and as usual i can't wait to see what this next month will be like, will he crawl, stand or chill on the floor while his sisters deliver him toys and make him giggle? i'd be ok with any of the above.

ps, tim pointed out to me that when i am done with this balloon project that i will have spent around eighty dollars on balloons. then he gave me some major side eye...

till next month!


melissa rohr said...

man he's gotten so big!!! can't wait to see his room and hear how all thats going!

melissa rohr said...

i know, he is huge! it is nuts. i pre bought his fall wardrobe all 12-18 and it looks like it might be too small :/