Friday, July 19, 2013

little treasures

do you ever get lost for hours, pouring through old photos? coming across ones you had kind of forgotten about, like finding hidden treasures? i am all about printing our photos and stowing them away for safe keeping in albums. i have many, many, costco, leather bound albums that store thousands of priceless memories and moments. i literally burst at the seams thinking about the kids one day sitting down with their kids or their grandkids and getting the same lovely feelings back like they just stirred up some of the most precious moments of their childhood.

even at this age the girls love to thumb through the albums, it can induce giggling for hours as they discover pictures of themselves as babies or in funny costumes or with cherrios stuck to their faces. tim doesn't like it when i bring my camera everywhere, he thinks i am not enough in the present when i am always worried and a photo opportunity, i think it is just because he hates when i ask him to hold my camera. to a degree he is right, but i think i balance both just fine, because as important as it is to be present, i know my children will appreciate that i documented all of these moments later in life.

i stil have hundreds of photos from my younger years and even when zoĆ« was a baby that i would love to organize some day but it is hard to remember the order of some things. that is why i love that today, with digital files, it is so easy to sort and store and backup your photos on the computer. 

what do you do with your photos? do they get held hostage by your hard drive or do you meticulously organize, print, and chronicle them in books? 

happy friday!


melissa rohr said...

I upload and print out all of my pictures from Walgreens. Every week, they have coupon codes, so that helps. Currently, I am exactly 1 year behind in printing.....I'll get them all eventually, but it would help if I stopped taking pictures now! :)

I organize them in plain, black 3 ring binders, using plastic inserts. I have over 30!! But, my kids, like yours, LOVE to pour through them and look at old baby pictures of themselves. And the good thing is that they are all backed up digitally, so I can easily reprint one when it mysteriously goes missing! {Usually found under one of my kids beds.....!}

melissa rohr said...

I make a photo book through shutterfly yearly for their birthdays and I also get prints printed for albums. Although, I haven't been remembering to get them printed. Thanks for the reminder!

melissa rohr said...

I always make photo books for Emery when I get free codes. He loves pointing out his family in them and what is going on. Then every year I set aside my favorites from the year and make a photobook that is put away. Like birth to one year and one year to two years.