Monday, July 8, 2013

month eight

month eight is here and i can't even believe it. as i type robin is down stairs laughing and playing and interacting like a real person, holy crap i can't believe he will be one soon. i just can not. i can't believe how time has flown by, but yet feels like it was just yesterday that he came into our world, between a full moon and just a hour and a half shy of my most favorite holiday. this boy sits up and holds his cup/bottle and waves and plays peek-a-boo. he has toy preferences and habits and patterns and is good on a schedule and off one too. he is constantly praised for being "the best baby ever" the "happiest baby someone has ever met" and i love it! he is so happy and content and easy going about...everything, that is makes being his mama that much more great. 

last month we put up the super yard, in hopes of saving the carpet from all the spit up. now that little man is mobile he was leaving a trail everywhere he went. he now has a large space to hang out in when i can't be right there, with all of his toys right in reach, it is genius really. speaking of being mobile, he is so so close to crawling. all  day  long  he gets up on his hands and knees and tries to lunge himself around, it sort of works but isn't called crawling yet, so for now he rolls and rolls and rolls all over the place.

although we still love our happy tots pouches we have ventured into mostly table food. he loves gluten free noodles and pretty much every baby safe fruit and vegetable under the sun. last week he got his first taste of meatloaf and ate helping after helping along with some steamed carrots and the next morning gobbled up waffles and eggs. eggs? somehow my aunt got him to try and love eggs finally! i think the poor guy had allergies like his mama, he has had a hoarse voice and the absence of a runny nose leads me to believe that is what is going on, so sad.

now that we have had weeks of warm weather, we drug out all of the pools and water toys, that is where this baby wants to be all the time. he literally lunges for pool if you walk by it, even if it is chilly, he loves to be splashing the day away. last week i took him to the spray pad and parked him in front of a low pressure spray spot and he loved it! he was so content for awhile and i got some fun photos and video. then later that week he got his first boat ride and swam in the lake with mama and lounged on a inter-tube for hours then took a long nap on daddy in the sun.

i got to say that eight months has got to be one of my favorite times - so much learning and discovering and exploring. so many new things like crawling and eating and words like mama and dada. this boy is so so sweet on his sisters and i think they feel the same way - no one can snap him out of a mood like stella can, i could listen to those two giggle for hours. you can tell tim loves this age a lot too, he is a lot more interactive with dada and isn't just focused on the boobs and mama.

i am already dreaming up his super hero birthday on my pinterest boards and him and stella will go as batman and robin for halloween. so cliche i know but how can i resist? nine months is just around the corner and i can't wait! as sad as it is that times passes us by so fast - this family of six is having so much fun these days that i soak up all of these memories happily. so until then, happy eight months little dude.


melissa rohr said...

Such a beautiful boy! Happy 8th Month sweet baby!

melissa rohr said...

thanks!! xoxo