Wednesday, July 17, 2013

nightstand turned kitchen!

ok, so we can all agree i am a little crazy, in fact my husband may argue i am a lot crazy... 

i have been pinning "ordinary furniture turned child's kitchen" pins for a year now, secretly wishing that we didn't own an amazing and expensive and flashy and in perfect condition plastic one. then, these last few months i have been on a mission to simplify and live in the moment and make some major memories for my kids - i mean, i have always done these things but somewhere between apple tv and rainy days we have lost track of the bigger picture. being in love, like really in love, with a few special toys, ones that they'll remember when they are older and tell their kids about, is what i want. like the memories i have of helping my dad build my dollhouse before i knew it was a dollhouse or the ones i have of playing house with my prized doll "big baby" that the girls actually play with now.

i skim craigslist weekly anyway with a mental list of furniture i would love to own, make over, etc if i came across it at a good price. so when i came across the exact nightstand to the one of my dream "night stand turned kitchen" pin i had to email the person right away. the price was a little more then i wanted to spend, (and once tim got it home a lot more to what it was worth, but i had to have it. to justify spending the money on this project, i had to sell the girls existing kitchen first. that part was easy, a sweet lady nought it for her daycare, and i was surprised how much money i got for it. although tim argues that he hates how i am always buying and selling things, doing and redoing, he loves any opportunity to create and use power tools so he was secretly on board with this project (and i totally notice him silently gloat in the corner every time we get a compliment on it). here is a run down of what we did...

the top: our night stand had a huge hole in the top, hidden under some sort of plastic layer, that i obviously didn't see in the photos before i sent tim off to retrieve it. so, instead of trying to work around it we pulled the whole top off and replaced it with a piece of project pine, that i picked up in a appropriate size, for six dollars at lowes. this allowed me to make the surface on top bigger anyway so it was a win. we somewhat eyeballed the shape of the original top and tim used a saw and sander at work to cut and shape it. then he stained it with whatever leftover stain we had laying around - it didn't look "finished" to me so i went over the edges and top with a palm sander giving it a rustic worn down look. for the burners, i traced and painted two black circles and then using some soft wire i had from michael's, wound that around to create the spiral, and finally secured it with some u-shaped upholstery nails. for the sink, i had a huge collection of those metal mixing bowls so i just went through eyeing different ones before i found a good fit - we went with a deep smaller one. for a while i was on the hunt for a faucet, maybe i still am, but i wasn't willing to pay crazy prices for a new one so for now it stays simple with a faucet-less sink.

the nightstand: once the top was off, the drawers were out, i sanded and primed the nightstand. i had already purchased my curtain fabric when i fell in love with it at the store, so i went with a soft yellow for all over paint color. it probably took about one and a half cans of spray paint because i really like to give it good coverage.

the drawers: we took out the bottom drawer and dismantled the top down to just the face and wood glued that into place after adding a eclectic knob i picked up at hobby lobby. i didn't want to mess with hinges or anything so that i could keep it simple. for the bottom, i picked up half a yard of fun fabric, some trim, and a smallish dowel at joann's for the curtain. after the curtain was cut and hemmed we fastened it on the dowel, to the front of the bigger opening with screws. i didn't do anything with the inside of the drawer as of yet - it works fine as storage for all their wood food and pots + pans for now.

finally, i added a little rustic hook on the side for hanging their tiny vintage aprons on!

in the end i probably spent about sixty-five dollars or so. i'll admit that my biggest mistake was falling hard for the first nightstand i came across and not giving something like free-cycle more of a chance. in the end i am glad that i kept the overall kitchen simple looking to inspire more creativity. i am seriously over the moon with the finished product! tim and i had a lot of fun working on this too, we even have been toying with the idea of whipping up a couple to sell since they seem to be popular right now. to be able to sell one for a decent price though, we need to find a screamin' deal on night stands, so i have been on the hunt. stay tuned for more designs!

what do you think? would you give this diy a try? it was so fun and easy!


melissa rohr said...

You are the project queen! This is darling!!!