Wednesday, July 3, 2013

scenes from the weekend

in hopes of not letting the entire summer just pass us by, we have been trying to slip back into as much of a normal summer routine as possible. that means farmer's markets, local beaches, pool parties in the yard, and late nights of laughing and being a family. i need to get to work on our summer bucket list, can you believe it is july already? this last week has been record temps for washington, blowing away the old saying, "summer comes on the fifth of july". people laugh at our complaints but when you aren't used to constant eighty degree temps and top humidity it can be difficult to cope!

this weekend we headed to the ballard farmer's market - i was on the hunt for some fresh yummy beets to juice, some new flowers for my table, and maybe a honey stick or two to share with the kiddos. i was excited to get to wear my new lace shorts, a new fashion staple that you can dress up or down depending on the top and shoes you choose. we wandered up both sides, stopping to check out some fruit, score some cherries, and hear a story about a accordion player who sold his house for a million dollars and now plays music for fun. we tried to get their early to beat the heat and so that we would have plenty of time to splash in our pool when we got home. it was the perfect day with just the right amount of busyness and relaxing!

before we had headed out for the day, we drug out our trusty twenty dollar target pool and filled it up so it could warm up all morning. we don't have much of a yard  at  all, but it just so happens to be the perfect size for this pool. tim and i can relax in the corner, robin toots around in his baby floaty, and the girls  fight to fit their tubes in the remaining square foot of space. i think i even got a little tan!

we wrapped up the day watching tim do yard work, planting some new flowers, playing ipad in the teepee and of course drawing chalk crowns in the garage so that i wouldn't blind rowan with this sun. it was the perfect sunday if i do say so myself. what did you do this weekend? 

more photos after the jump!
this is not robin, i just thought it was cute. ha.
thank you so much to joovy for sending our family the scooter x2. it has been perfect for getting rowan around while she heals. the storage, huge sunshade, and comfy high handle are some of my favorite features to name a few. we easily navigated the crowded walk-ways of the market and had no problem pushing all eighty-pounds of kid that sat in the seats!