Wednesday, July 10, 2013

scenes from the weekend

last week when i mentioned our perfect weekend, clearly i did not know what was in store for us. i have learned that jam packed memory making weekends are my spirit animal. sure a relaxing weekend is great here and there but me and these kids always have energy to burn off and why not do it while we can! everything that has happened these last couple months has really enabled me to seize the day, i mean, you only live once right? the memories we are making for these kids are worth it.

sure, the fourth didn't technically mark the start of the weekend but tim took friday off so we're going with it. we got to spend the day with rowan and then she headed off to spend the evening with her dad. the rest of us were invited to spend the fourth with my aunt and uncle and their long time best friends who have become like family to us over the years. their only daughter paige is just a month or so older then zoe so they have always been good buddies. we spend the evening bbq'ing, swimming, zip-lining (yes, they have a zip-line in their yard), jumping on the trampoline, and watching a bunch of teenagers be goofy. speaking of teenagers, they wanted to eat robin up as usual, i guess no one can resist that squishy baby charm. when it got dark we lit of the obligatory fireworks and stella was inducted into the independence day injury hall of fame when she took a firework to the eye, she has the cut to prove it. robin slept soundlessly throughout he whole thing and we finally headed home around eleven and the kids slept like logs through the neighborhood antics.

i got rowan and zoe back friday morning and the real fun began. while we waited for tim to finish up some roof work at my aunts, the girls and i ventured to our favorite spray park. it was dinner time so we practically had the place to ourselves and i even scored a shaved ice from the market happening in the park, it was a major win on my part. that night we bbq'd open faced burgers and laughed a ton. wrapping up the night with a family skate sesh and antics in the street.

saturday we headed to lake roesiger with my aunt and the changes (the family we spent the fourth with) for a day int he sun on the boat! it was so fun, my aunt and uncle are buying a house/property on this lake and i can't wait! the water was so warm, the vibe was awesome, and it was some of the friendliest people ever. when we weren't tubing or speeding around we were anchored to the changes boat while we swam, ate, and lounged. zoe and paige swam and floated and paddled every second they could, and me? well, i got burnt to a crisp, whoops.

sunday we wrapped up the weekend with a trip to the local children's museum, then after dropping tim and robin at home, the girls and i headed out to finally see despicable me two. it was a great cap on the weekend, burnt skin and all it was epically fun and i can't wait to do it again and again all summer!

it has been so fun really playing with my dslr again. i had become way to reliant on my iphone camera, which takes good, but not the best photos. i live for a bright crisp photo to put in the albums i have spent years making for the girls to keep forever. so, i'm sorry, not sorry for the flood of photos that follows this post. this weekend was too good not to document with a million photos and it helps that i have such fun little people to take photos of!

what did you do this weekend?