Friday, July 12, 2013

some instagram for you!

doeen't any body do a weekly link-up for instagram anymore? it's where i host some of my most priced moments and i miss sharing them with you guys. do you follow me on instagram? i am @_melissarohr now and i can promise you daily photos of nonsense, like stella asleep under the bed or robin in some sort of cute little man outfit.

when i am bored i troll back through my own feed and some of my recent photos really crack me up or put a smile on my face. even when rowan was in the hospital we had a lot of good special memory making moments that were fun to capture and share with everyone.
what do you do with your instgram photos? i'll admit i am terrible at doing anything fun with them. but here are some good ideas to get you started:

i would love to hear your ideas too!


melissa rohr said...

I've made magnets out of our instagram pictures and will eventually like to cover the whole fridge w them. Love following your feed on IG too btw : )

melissa rohr said...

magnets are a great idea! i love the whole fridge idea too! i have done magnets for gifts but i think i need some too :)