Friday, August 9, 2013

big huge bubbles!

what a fun and simple activity this was! stella even had fun hours after the stuff was put away and i was editing the photos, every time i would pull up a new one she would yell, "bubbles! POP!"

after the pinterest fail on the whole small pool + hula-hoop equals human bubble, i wasn't ready to give up on giant bubbles yet! after noticing that i had a random wooden dowel in my craft closet and having remembered seeing a cool way to do bubbles at a recent parade, i set out to see what else i had to make this happen. 

wooden dowel however thick in diameter, i cut mine in half.
two small eyelet screws
cotton string (i used hemp) 
smallish washer

for the bubbles, since i didn't want to have to run to the store - i simply busted out our giant jug of target bubbles and beefed them up with a ton of dawn till i got a good strong bubble. here is a good homemade recipe if you want to go that route.

first i cut my dowel in half so i had to equal "sticks" and then i screwed the small eyelet screws into an end of each. next, i cut two pieces of string - one 35" and one 70" (you can do whatever lengths you want to try for different sized bubbles, they just half to be about this ratio).
then i tied our string to the dowels, basically creating a big loop between them. make sure you slide your washer onto the longer piece before tying off. your finished product should like like this (above).

when we were ready to play i filled a large cup up with our solution. we spent a few minutes getting the strings nice and soaked with the solution before trying any big bubbles. finally we would submerge all of the string pulling out very slowly. to start the bubble zoƫ would pull her dowels apart, opening the strings, very slowly while walking backwards to create a little air flow through and voila!

this was a super fun and easy activity and the kids spent hours outside trying out different things - like how long they could make one, how to make big and small round ones, studying how the bubbles behaved as they floated off, and of course how fast they could race each other to be the first to pop one!


melissa rohr said...

This is awesome!!!

melissa rohr said...

thanks! keeps them entertained for hours! we took it camping this weekend and surprised everyone there with a fun bubble show :)